Pokemon Go – How To Rectify The Snapshot Bug On Android

Pokemon Go Rectify Snapshot Bug Android
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Have you been seeing big groups of people in a circle nowadays? Well, once you see human beings with their eyes fixed on their mobile phones, gathered at churches, schools, offices and local parks right now, Pokemon Go is most likely the reason.

Since it was launched, the very popular game has sent gamers walking in all directions around their environment, hunched over their devices trying to catch in the real world virtual monsters from the well known Japanese Pokémon video game and animated series.

To make things more interesting for everyone, the game’s developer, Niantic even placed virtual PokéStops, plus gyms for group battles, at landmarks, signs, and special locations throughout communities, so interested gamers just cannot catch a break.

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However, 2 months ago, iOS Pokemon Go gamers started battling with an annoying bug that stopped them from earning Buddy Hearts or completing Research Tasks that needed gamers to take Snapshots of Pokemon. Even if the problem was eventually fixed last month, an identical bug is currently being encountered by Android Pokemon Go gamers.

This same bug is also preventing Android owners from earning Buddy Hearts and completing Research Tasks that need them to capture Snapshots of Pokemon. Even if it is still letting players snap photos of Pokemon, it is not exactly rewarding them for doing just that.

Luckily for us, however, there is a solution for this and it is all thanks to a user “krmtdfrog” on The Silph Road subreddit. The process is far from complicated and it is a lasting fix for this problem. See Pokemon Go- How To Rectify The Snapshot Bug On Android:

Pokemon Go Rectify Snapshot Bug Android
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Pokemon Go- How Can I Rectify The Snapshot Bug On Android?

To solve this problem, you just have to turn off the game’s permission to save files on your phone. To make this happen, just head to your device’s Settings menu, (I’m referring to the Settings menu on your Android phone, not the Pokemon Go Settings menu,) and locate Pokemon Go under the “Apps” section of the Settings menu.

Right there, you’ll have to disable the game’s “Files and media” permission. This Snapshot bug was experienced on a Google Pixel 3a device recently and this workaround rectified the issue immediately. Other users on The Silph Road subreddit also had positive reviews about it.

The bug is presently not listed on Pokemon Go’s “Known Issues” page, however, that does not mean developer Niantic has no clue about what it is. We can only hope the bug gets fixed in a future update, but for now, this tutorial has ensured it never disturbs your gaming experience.

You’re welcome.


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