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Project xCloud, from Microsoft the future of game streaming

Microsoft officially announced Project xCloud a few hours ago. It is an innovative global system that will allow users to have access to the best gaming experiences from any device, anytime and anywhere. All these, thanks to the technology of the Cloud.

What is Project xCloud?

In Microsoft’s vision, the gaming experience of the future must not be fragmented and limited by the potential of the device used. The project aims to put the user at the center of the experience, offering him the opportunity to play any title, on any platform, at any time or place he wishes to do it.

All this is possible with the resources of Microsoft that have combined its nearly 40 years of industry experience with the features offered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research. This allowed us to create a global game streaming technology – Project xCloud.

Project xCloud aims to offer video games enthusiasts, regardless of whether they play on PC or console, the opportunity to devote themselves to their passion anywhere and anytime. It will, therefore, be possible to access the stories, the worlds, the best titles even from mobile.

The developers of the more than 3,000 titles available today for Xbox One, as well as the studios that are developing the games of the future, will be able to take advantage of Project xCloud to significantly increase access to titles without additional work.

Currently, this project is still being tested on some devices, connected via Bluetooth to an Xbox Wireless Controller, which also allow you to play via touch input. Next year public tests will start to test the service with different numbers and geographical locations. However, it is a project that will develop over the next few years, to develop an exceptional gaming experience dedicated to Xbox gamers and allow developers to reach hundreds of millions of new players.

For more information on Project Xcloud, please read the post on the official blog of Microsoft.

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