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Real Football 2021 (RF 21) is a game that can be played on your mobile smartphone. Since it is an offline soccer game, it takes the stress of burning data off your shoulders when you play the game. It doesn’t take a lot: Just head over to Google PlayStore and download it. If you’re downloading from Gameloft, you only need about 30 MB to lose. Once you install, get an account and set up players. Enjoy yourself.

Just like other games on the same level, RF 21 won’t bog your smartphone down if you have adequate space in storage before you download it. You will enjoy the good 3D graphic quality, and also the engaging gameplay.

Another special aspect of the Real Football 2021 is that apk mod has many features which will be explained below and that many Android soccer game fans will love to use. The game is really stepping up to compete for its own space among other games such as PES, FTS, Dream League Soccer, and more.

Restricted to Android?

Real Football 2021
Real Football 2021

Yes, RF 21 is only available for Android mobile phones of different kinds. It doesn’t matter what phone you use, since it is Android 4.0 or higher, you are good to go. Both low-end smartphones and high-end smartphones can easily manage the game files because they are very light.

Games Included in RF 21

In this game, you can find FIFA World Cup is among the list of competitions. There are others such as the Copa America, Euros, AFCON, and others. You also have many teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern, Juventus, and more.

Real Football 2021 Players

RF 21 features top players of different skill sets. These players possess exceptional skills and cheat. Some of them are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Christian Pullistic, and many others, who are featured in Real Football 2021.

Dominant Features of Real Football 2021

  • International competitions
  • Real player names on their Jerseys
  • Real national team names
  • Country logos
  • Training section available
  • Referees
  • Injuries to players
  • Player substitutes
  • Match Commentary
  • Awards are given (e.g Golden Boot Winner)
  • Different team formations and tactics
  • Game radar
  • Offline gameplay
  • Watch the game from different angles
  • Compete in league matches
  • Exciting and attractive matches
  • It is available free only on Android

Other RF 21 Features

Real Football 2021 is a game that many players have already added to their Android devices, and enjoy playing because it is a very interesting and engaging Android soccer game. The company behind it is one of the biggest game developers, and they are doing pretty well in the gaming manufacturing world.

In this RF 21 soccer game, the graphics are the first features players often notice. Though in some sense, there are downgrades in features, parts of the game such as the stadia display are very good and pleasant to look at. You almost feel like it is in the real world. The developer paid special attention to details.

Get Started (Form your team)

Once downloaded, you have to look for different players, while you also pay attention to their skills. That is the first requisite to forming your own favorite team. Your goal is to do your best to win games when you compete with other teams. As you form your team, ensure you have a strong idea of how to control the players with top-notch strategies.

Navigate to different stadia in RF 21, and enjoy their excellent designs and high graphic quality. In the game you can also navigate between different players, defining the players that you want according to their skills and the team formation. Your goal is to participate in different league matches and get to the apex of the table by constantly playing and winning games.

real football 2021 1
real football 2021 1


  • The Real Football 2021 has improved versions that make the 3D graphic quality better than the previous or older versions
  • It is small in size, so don’t worry about the RF 21 taking too much space on your smartphone. It is incredibly light.


  • There are downgraded graphics from older versions of the game

Download the RF 21 Now  Recommendations  

Real Football 2021 (RF 21) can be downloaded when you click on THIS LINK. Take note that it doesn’t require special efforts to install and set up the game from your Android smartphone. If you feel uncomfortable about clicking the link above, just head to Google PlayStore app on your Android smartphone and search for Real Football 2021.

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Download the Real Football 2021 for free. It is a soccer game with an unofficial license, which enables the recreation of exciting new football season for Android.

Real Football 2021 Full Specs

Program LicenseFree
Size30 MB
Works underAndroid
Program available in…English
Content RatingEveryone 10+
DeveloperGameloft SE

Why RF 21?

Real Football 2021 takes a new shift for the franchise because of several factors. First, the game reverts to basic graphic quality when you compare it to some older versions of the app. By achieving this goal, the developer is able to release a game that runs smoothly on low-end Android smartphones. You can get superb performance in high-end smartphones when you play the game.

This version is unofficial when it comes to licensing matters. Actually, some see this as minus but it allows the players to focus more on gameplay rather than pay strict attention to team structure. In some sense, this isn’t bad for the average joe that wants to just get the game started without any hassles.

Players can change the power of passes and shots, or they may perform long passes, sprint, or even manually switch between players. You engage in whatever you think will elevate your points.

Buy envelopes for the players that you want to add to your game. The RF 21 has multiple game modes that will allow the play-actor to test out many combinations of players.


One catch here is that Real Football 2021 has changed a lot and steps apart from the older versions. For people who don’t really have the time and desire to explore new things, it could be daunting to explore the new features of the game. Once you check out the new platform, you will see that it is indeed entertaining and good for quick, short sessions of mobile gameplay. Engage in it, and give yourself some time to master the RF 21 Android soccer game.

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