How to Root Tecno N3 and P3 Phones

Rooting the Tecno p3 and the N3 is the easiest phone to root when it comes to rooting. To root these android phones or gain root access to your Tecno P3 & N3 andriod phone, you need to perform the root system by downloading and installing the ” Poot ” and ” Ministro ii “


  • Download: Poot
  • You should go to system settings on the phone –>Application-> check unknown source and change the preferred install location to internal device storage
  • Go to development and check USB debugging and also check Allow mock locations.
  • Internet access on the phone
  • Now you are ready for the main rooting

Steps to Rooting Tecno P3 & N3

  • Download and install Poot to your phone memory.
  • Open or launch Poot, it will let you know that “This software requires ministro service” and you might be inquired as to whether you want to download & install it.
  • After downloading and installing the Ministro ii library from (Google play store).
  • Open the Poot you opened previously, it will to upgrade Qt libraries, the phone will immediately reboot or reboot manually.
  • Wait till Poot has totally upgraded Qt libraries and if it fails be patient and continue retrying it until it successfully updated the libraries.
  • Now the phone will immediately restart however if not; switch or turn off your phone yourself.
  • Remove your memory card and likely one or both of your Sim cards.
  • Switch or turn on your phone and permit it to load to the home screen.
  • Quickly head off to your phone menu and launch or open Poot.
  • Now select the first alternatives i.e. “press here to poot“.
  • Your phone will hang and afterward immediately restart.
  • Quickly head off to your phone menu and launch or open poot once more.
  • If successful you will have 3 buttons.
  • Select the second alternative to download and institute super user.
  • Select the second alternative to download and institute root checker.
  • Launch or open root checker and click on VERIFY ROOT ACCESS to check if your android phone fully rooted.
  • If successfully rooted, you will get a message like this “congratulations your device is now rooted”

Provided that you don’t succeed in rooting your phone at step 10 i.e. where your phone hangs and refuse to restart, just take out your phone battery and put it back after about 5 seconds, switch it on again and repeat  step 7 -10.

If you are facing problem rooting your Tecno P3 or N3 leave a comment below.


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