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Rumors Claim Galaxy S21 may Mimic iPhone 12

It seems Samsung has a thing for copying Apple’s iPhones. The company is on the verge of doing so again if the leaks online are anything to go by. Copying the iPhone is one of the best things about Samsung’s climb in the world of manufacturing mobile phones. It is a big reason some Samsung phones were widely accepted by fans worldwide.

But there were multiple lawsuits that made Samsung retrace its steps by trying to refine its products and its presence in the smartphone market. As already seen, Samsung has been refining almost every edition of the Galaxy S and Note every year, but that was done under the shadows of Apple as iPhone kept setting the tone in the mobile phone industry. The war between the two has taken turns over the years, with Samsung also criticizing Apple’s controversial moves. But as it did so, Samsung appeared to have copied those moves it criticized Apple for.

A new leak suggests that Samsung won’t wait for years to copy iPhone 12 this time, although the company tarried in some respects regarding copying iPhones in the past. iPhone 12 is said to be coming to the market without free chargers and earphones. During the announcement, Apple claimed it did that for the sake of reducing carbon emissions. The company was mocked by Samsung on social media.

The latest information gotten online claims that Samsung will be doing the same for Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Although there are projections that show that Samsung won’t copy Apple on this again, fans are waiting for the launch of the S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra in January 2021 to confirm the facts. Only the Ultra edition will have a more powerful battery of 5000 mAh, and it will arrive with ultra-wideband support, something that was pioneered by Apple.

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