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Samsung DeX could introduce dual monitor support in view of the Galaxy Tab S4 launch

The rumors about the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 chase for months, but have intensified over the last few weeks, suggesting that the summer could be the chosen one. Surprisingly, however, the new top-of-the-range tablet of the Korean manufacturer could bring in dowry also an interesting novelty, which concerns Samsung DeX.

It is no secret that Galaxy Tab S4 can support Samsung DeX or the dock that allows the flagship devices of the Korean giant to connect to a monitor or a TV, to ensure a desktop experience in all respects. The big news, however, would concern the support of a dual monitor mode, which in fact would be great with the generous size of a tablet display, providing an extra piece to the productivity guaranteed by DeX.

The function would then also be compatible with smartphones   – although it would have much less sense on display so content – and who knows what will not be accompanied by the launch of an accessory dedicated to Galaxy Tab S4, to allow it to maintain a position consistent with the dual monitor mode (or if a stand or cover/stand will be required separately ). According to some rumors, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 could be unveiled between August and September, during IFA 2018 – by then we will certainly know more.

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