Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have 4 different models?

It seems that Samsung will release more than one model of Galaxy Note 10. After all, the Galaxy S10 saw 4 variants, including the upcoming version 5G. 

We recently talked about how Samsung is working on a smaller Galaxy Note 10 model. We may also see a variant with and without 5G.

Reports indicate that Samsung will try to repeat the success of the Galaxy S10 by also launching 4 models of Note 10. It can be a good move or a shot in the foot, as they will fill the market with 4 more devices.

Is it a good idea to have 4 Galaxy Note 10 models?

Supposedly, the Galaxy Note 10 smaller will have a screen of 6.4 inches while the model will follow over to the 6.7 inches. The first one will have three cameras and the second one will have a four lens configuration.

We are talking about models that both only support 4G or LTE. The remaining two will be the most powerful models, and only one of them will have support for 5G.

However, I do not believe that 4 different models of the same equipment are required. In Galaxy S10 it makes sense because the S10e is basically a top of the range with a more compact size.

The Note line always cherished large screens, high autonomy batteries, and productivity tools combined with the stylus. Launching 4 Note 10 templates will certainly take away the ‘special’ factor associated with the line.

Launching so many models can also alienate consumers in the wrong way. It can also hurt the sales of the equipment as we are talking about 8 Samsung smartphones where the features may not differ much by taking out the pen.

From both a consumer and business point of view, I believe it makes sense for Samsung to keep its Note 10 line up to 2 devices at most. Variants should only be in the choice of storage.

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