Samsung Galaxy S10 with 6 cameras – Design confirms itself with these images

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1

These are the confirmations we expected from the Samsung Galaxy S10. The rumors had so far been consistent, however, few photos guaranteed us that smartphones would have this design.

So, the latest photographs of the manufacturer of covers Olixar gives us the perfect notion of how smartphones will be. Mainly on the back.

Let me explain. Throughout these years we have written about rumors and information leaks, we have at some point the covers of Olixar before the launch of smartphones.

Olixar just gave us the design of the next Samsung Galaxy S10

Since the manufacturer of the covers always receives measurements of the equipment before they are revealed, in order to make covers for the devices on the day of launch, it is rare that Olixar fails.

That is, it is likely that the front design may be a bit different, however, it is now believed that the rear will still be. And according to the covers we have two pleasant surprises.

Firstly because the covers tell us that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have 4 rear cameras. Secondly, because the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will feature two cameras.

The screen size of the next Samsung Galaxy S10

Regarding the size of the screens, Olixar says the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will arrive with 5.8 “inches, the” normal “with 6.1” inches and the “Plus” model with 6.4 “inches.

All Samsung Galaxy S10 should have an identical construction. However, the “Lite” model will offer the biometric sensor on the side instead of on the screen.

As I had mentioned, something that we are not sure about is the front of smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is expected to give us a “flat” screen, yet the image looks more like a curved screen.

Finally, the positions of the front camera is also not guaranteed but it is believed that it will follow the images published by Olixar.

All in all, this was one of the design confirmations we were expecting. From here we only need to see smartphones in “real life”.


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