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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is filtered on video

The  Samsung Galaxy S9 is perhaps the most expected smartphone this 2018. Within weeks of its launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​we already know almost all the details of Samsung’s new flagship, as its specifications or the dual camera that will integrate. And is that if this was not enough, a few minutes ago appeared on YouTube a new video showing Samsung Galaxy S9 by the Trendy Techz channel, revealing the design of the device of the South Korean brand.

As we saw a few weeks ago in the corresponding article, the  Samsung Galaxy S9  would come with an all-screen design even more interesting than its predecessor, the Galaxy S8. Let’s see all the details of your design below.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is filtered on video

We can now confirm the appearance of the Samsung device. In the absence of official confirmation by the company, the design of it is as expected by most users, with lower bezels even lower and possible integration of the fingerprint sensor on the screen, similar to the Vivo X20.

YouTube video

Despite the short duration of the video of the Samsung Galaxy S9 filtering, we can observe almost entirely the overall appearance of the device, which has a design very similar to that of Galaxy S8. However, it has a somewhat less elongated relationship than its recent releases, which makes us think that it will not have the already great aspect ratio 18 – 9, showing a somewhat wider and broader panel, with about 6 inches of usable screen.

We would also expect the inclusion of several sensors for the rumored facial unlocking, although the upper part of the terminal is not very visible in the recording. At the expense of the official release next February, we already know practically all the secrets of the most anticipated smartphone of 2018. However, as often happens with most leaks of similar models, it must be given the credibility it deserves, being probable that the video in question is false or of a clone model to the Galaxy S9.

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