Samsung recommends folding screens to Apple and Google

Samsung launched its foldable screen smartphone for the first time in the past year and plans to sell it again this year. However, the fold-out screen will not only be specific to Samsung. The company is also looking for a wide base in the mobile industry itself.

Race started

According to the industry information, Samsung; talks about Google and Apple folding screen. The company has provided foldable screen prototypes in reference to these two sectors.

Samsung is a 7.2-inch folding screen prototype is prepared. Normally, the screen that Samsung used on the Galaxy Fold phone was 7.3 inches. This difference is caused by the fact that it is a standard reference prototype consisting of driver, connection and battery.

It is known that Apple has already worked on folding screens. It turned out that Google is working on this. Samsung also provided prototypes to Xiaomi and Oppo companies last year.

In addition to producing foldable screen smartphones, which will be popular from this year on, screen supply will also stand out. Next, to Samsung, the Chinese BOE is also ambitious in terms of folding screens. Again, LG wants to find a place in this race. In this regard, acting early will provide a great advantage.

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