See Fix For Forgot Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pattern Lock

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you somehow forgot Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pattern Lock and you’re looking for a way to get into your device then look no further. In this guide, we will be teaching you how to regain access back into your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Pattern Lock often seems easy to remember and is perhaps the easiest in all of the lock methods available on most Android devices. However, when you’ve changed your Pattern lock a couple of times since you got the device, remembering the particular one you’re currently using becomes a problem. I know because I’ve been in that possible multiple times which is was I don’t usually use the pattern lock.

The few times I did get stuck, I had only one option which was to factory reset and wipe data which cleared out my phone. This was because I wasn’t using a Samsung device. Since you’re using a Samsung device, you might not lose all data as Samsung provides a way to regain access to your phone in case you forget your pattern lock. However, if the process doesn’t work for you, then you’ll have to wipe your device. Hopefully, you have a backup of your device data backed up somewhere.

Fix For Forgot Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pattern Lock

For the first method, we will be making use of the Find My Mobile which is offered by Samsung to all its device users. This gives you admin privileges and allows you to do some certain things on your device from another device.

  • On another device, Visit the Samsung Find My Mobile Website.
  • Log In Using your Samsung Account Details.

  • Once you’re logged In, Click on the “Lock My Screen” Located in the left column of the screen.

  • You’ll be provided with a space to input a new 4-digit PIN. Input your preferred PIN and Click on “Lock”.

  • Your device has to be connected to the internet in order to get the order to change it PIN to the new one you just entered on the Samsung Find My Mobile Website. If it isn’t turned on, turn it on.

  • Wait for like a minute and Input the same 4 digit PIN you’re provided on the website to unlock your device.

That’s it. You’ve regained access to your device. Head to the settings and change the PIN to a more suitable one.

If for some reason you didn’t set up your Samsung Account then the first method will not work for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This means you will have to go with the second method which will wipe everything off your phone. To Factory Reset/Wipe your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Follow the steps below.

  • Power Off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.
  • Press and Hold the Volume Up Button and Bixby Button. While still holding those two buttons, Press and hold the Power Button.

  • When the Android Logo appears, Let go of all three buttons. Installing system update will pop up and stay on your screen for about a minute before you’re taken to the Recovery Menu.

  • When you get to the Menu, Use the Volume Down Button to navigate to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and Select it using the Power Button.

  • Using the Volume Down Button, Navigate to “Yes” and Select it Using the Power Button.

  • Sit back and relax while your device is being wiped.

  • Once it is done, Navigate to “Reboot system now” Using the Volume Buttons and Select it using the Power Button.

  • Thais it. Once your device boots up, you’ll be required to set up your device just like a new one. No one will know you forgot Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pattern Lock.


    1. Help, my son decided he would be funny and put a lock pattern on my brans new note9 i havent even used it yet, im not sure how hes done it but it wont even let you turn the phone off withour putting the lock pattern in. Bixby isnt set up either so when trying the vol up bixby off method it wont work cause it keeps saying bixby isnt set up yet.


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