Send blank/empty messages on WhatsApp

Someone sent you a blank message and you can’t reply? You must know that it is possible to send an empty space on WhatsApp in single chats and in groups, using small tricks. Thanks to applications dedicated to this function.

Even though WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application in the world, there are many tricks that not everyone knows, with which you can add features.

In this case, to send an empty message on WhatsApp it is possible to use third-party apps, we have some of the most interesting and effective ones. Let’s assume that on iOS there doesn’t seem to be any applications that allow you to leave an empty space, at least not on the official Apple Store.

The three applications we offer are for Android smartphones and tablets, both of which are simple to use and work perfectly.

Why send blank space on WhatsApp

The reasons that can push someone to send a blank message on WhatsApp are various, for example, to make a joke, or, to check if a contact is online before sending him a text message.

Again, within group chats, you can post a blank space to see if it is displayed or to check who is online with a reaction to the strangeness of the message.

In short, beyond the reasons, it is undoubtedly interesting to better understand how to access this function.

We remind you that WhatsApp does not allow the sending of empty spaces, but it is possible to create more spaces within pieces of text of the same message before sending it.

Blank Message (for WhatsApp)

Blank Messages
Blank Messages

Blank message is an application available for free on the Play Store, whose operation is simple and is based on a very specific logic.

This app doesn’t send blank space as such, but it does insert a character on WhatsApp that mobile devices can’t interpret.

In fact, therefore, there is some text in the message but it appears empty, the content does not have any letter or symbol.

After downloading and installing the application on your smartphone, opening it you will find a screen that allows you to select the number of blank lines that you can insert in the message.

After creating the space, a button is shown that serves to copy the message and paste it on WhatsApp within a single or group chat as an empty message.

A trick that also works on other instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, and Skype mobile version.

Empty Text! – Send Blank messages

Empty Text!  Send Blank Messages
Empty Text!  Send Blank Messages

Empty Text is another application for Android that allows you to send blank spaces on WhatsApp in a simple and immediate way. It works by choosing the empty space and the contact to send it to.

After downloading and installing the app, a screen with the SEND button is shown, by clicking on it you can scroll through the list of WhatsApp contact numbers and confirm the sending of the blank message.

It is not necessary to do any other operations. Also, this application allows, alternatively, to create text with empty space and then manually paste it into conversations on WhatsApp.

Blank Text Creator- Send an empty message

Blank Text Creator Send Empty Message
Blank Text Creator Send Empty Message

Blank Text Creator, a free application to send a blank space on WhatsApp in seconds, just like the other two aforementioned.

You can copy the blank text, paste it on the conversation and use it to send a message with blank space.

It doesn’t just work on WhatsApp, the blank text created can be used on any other messaging application, or, to create spaces in profile descriptions. You can choose the number of blank lines to create from 1 to 10,000.

Other applications to send empty space on WhatsApp

As you may have understood, the operation of this type of app to create empty spaces on WhatsApp is the same- either it creates invisible and unreadable text for mobile devices and is pasted into conversations, or it is sent directly from the third-party app in use, the empty space for a WhatsApp contact, selectable from a list.

Here are other useful apps for blanking on WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps:

How to send blank space on WhatsApp Web

Open WhatsApp Web from your PC and then go to your smartphone and after opening WhatsApp press on the menu (icon with the three dots) and tap WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR Code to access and see your contacts from your computer.

Below, copy the space between the two square brackets- [] and paste it into the WhatsApp chat to then send it.

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