StarTimes Solar Mini Review – The 4-inch Beauty with 8MP Camera


We have previously revealed that StarTimes isn’t only into Pay TV services, that they also produce smartphones as well – you can check out our StarTimes Solar Note Review as well as the specifications of the device and see how much effort StarTimes put into the production of their devices and how beautiful they try to make their products become.

On our review radar today is another device off StarTimes archive, the StarTimes Solar Mini. Just sit tight and read on as we bring to you the analysis of the StarTimes Solar Mini.

StarTimes Solar Mini
StarTimes Solar Mini


StarTimes Solar Mini
StarTimes Solar Mini

The StarTimes Solar Mini is the definition of “petite”. The Solar Mini is small, slim and very cozy in the hand when held. The Gold and White colour are the only two available colour variants released by StarTimes. I am particularly so in love with the Gold colour. The contrasting effect and difference between the black front display and the gold/white rear plastic cover just radiates beauty.

The hard keys (volume adjusters and lock/power button) are all located at the device’s left side. The soft navigation keys are just below the screen and the camera neatly embedded at the top-center of the device.

The screen on the Solar Mini is a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen display. The display, though quite small and of  poor resolution, still manages to produce images of visible quality.


The proper functioning of the Solar Mini are trusted in the hands of the Quad-core processor with CPU frequency of 1.2GHz, fast enough to make basic and low-level applications and processes like surfing the internet, texting, and maybe Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

Heavy applications and games may cause the Solar Mini to lag and freeze during usage. The 512MB RAM is also not enough to handle multitasking of multiple applications without heating up or freezing.

The Solar Mini comes out of the box with Android 4.4 KitKat. The 4GB of Internal memory can be expanded with the use of an external SD card to up to 32GB.


The primary camera on the rear is an 8MP shooter. With the LED flash support, the rear camera produces clear and well-lighted images especially outdoors.

The secondary camera is a 2MP selfie shooter. This selfie camera gives output images with poor subject focusing capability and resulting selfies are slightly blurred and poorly lighted.


The Solar Mini power house has a 1,500mAh Lithium battery power pack. The battery juice is very low of course and could rarely get you through 7 hours on full charge.


The Solar Mini is a low-end smartphone from StarTimes. With old, obsolete and outdated specs and features, it is still useful and could be taken as a second device. Did I mention the  the Solar Mini has a beautiful design and build? Yes, it does. However, StarTimes could improve the battery and RAM capacity on their devices if they really want to win the hearts of many.

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