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Steve Jobs wins court battle against Apple! See How

The “Steve Jobs” clothing store has won Apple in court and will continue to sell its clothing under the name of the legendary “apple” founder. According to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica Napoli, the brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato founded the store in 2012 and used the name Jobs because Apple never registered as a brand.

Of course, the company went to court to prevent the use of the name Steve Jobs, also claiming that the letter “J” was in the shape of a bitten apple, a very obvious reference. However, the judge understood that the letter was not a bitten apple, and therefore, the Italian company would not be infringing the commercial property.

The most likely is that Apple will appeal the decision, or arrange new ways of the clothing store prevent the use of the name “Steve Jobs.” Already the company is growing significantly and intends to launch electronic products in Italy.

Ever wondered if the “Steve Jobs” smartphone came? While it’s not happening, be sure to check out our list of essential apps and games for Apple’s iPhone, founded by Steve Jobs who never invested in a clothing store.

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