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The calendar progresses day by day towards the largest and most anticipated shopping event of the year. I am talking about Black Friday, which this year will take place next Friday, November 23, 2018. Both that day and during the days immediately before and after, we will have access to thousands and thousands of offers of all kinds, and we will be able to take advantage of the promotions and discounts to save us a good peak in Christmas shopping, or to give us a good whim. But to get the most out of “Black Friday”, it will be essential to know the shops and businesses, physical or online, where to buy on Black Friday at the best price.

Where can I buy during the Black Friday of 2018?

Although the main role is taken by computer and electronic products, the reality is that Black Friday has evolved so much that it already participates in any type of commerce, among which we can include shoe stores, clothing stores, food shops, operators of telephony and internet, banking entities and much more. Each of them offers different offers adapted to their sector and for that reason, it is important to know where to buy in Black Friday, so as not to go crazy or make the cinnamon ?.

Black Friday Offers

In this post, we are going to focus on electronic and computer stores and shops where you can find the best deals and discounts of Black Friday based on how they have acted in previous years. Yes, I advise you a few days before you take a look, selecting what you are interested in and, above all, writing down and comparing prices.


By quantity and variety, there is no doubt that the giant of online sales  Amazon takes the leading role in terms of Black Friday deals. As it has been happening practically, the company of Jeff Bezos will start the campaign a few days before the “big day” and, probably, it will extend the promotions throughout the weekend after the Black Friday linking this event with the popular Cyber Monday.

But the functioning of Amazon during all that time differs to a great extent to the mechanics adopted by other stores and businesses.

amazon black friday deals main

From days before, at least from Monday, November 19, Amazon will launch special flash offers every five minutes covering products of the most varied categories – telephony, computer, electronics, fashion, accessories, toys, home, food, gardening, and everything as much as you can imagine. In addition, prime customers have priority access to these offers, which gives them a considerable advantage over “normal” customers.

Some of its flagship products, such as Fire TV Stick or Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader also tend to have a lower price than during the rest of the year, not the classic Kindle that, to this day, maintains its price of 79.99 €, well above the € 49.99 paid by users in Germany.

But when it comes to diving for Amazon’s Black Friday offers, you should keep in mind some aspects. One of them is that the rebate is applied to the original price of the product. In this sense, it is possible that you have spent months watching that USD 256GB flash memory already discounted and, suddenly, it is offered with an even higher discount, however, when said percentage is applied to the original price, the difference between the previous final price and the final price on offer is usually not that important.

Secondly, it is a somewhat stressful promotional mechanic, which “forces you to remain attentive to the offers that are launched every half hour as they expire well when you spend certain hours, or when stocks run out.

Consequently, it is very important that, prior to the start of the shopping event, you review all the products in which you are interested, write down their prices at that time and add them to your Amazon shopping cart. This way you will avoid surprises and, above all, you will be able to be faster in case the quantity available is very limited.


The popular French chain of electronics, computing, leisure, and culture will participate, as every year, in the Black Friday 2018 offers. Without a doubt there you will be able to find the products you are looking for at a better price, however, you must take into account some of the peculiarities to which Fnac has already accustomed us.

Many of the Black Friday offers are reserved for Fnac members, or limited in part to Fnac partners. For example, in its promotions “without VAT”, part of that amount is deducted directly on the PVP (retail price), while another part (normally five percent) is accumulated in the member’s account to be discounted in next purchases. Therefore, if you are not a member, you will lose that part of the discount.

FNAC Black Friday

On the other hand, Fnac does not usually include Apple products in its Black Friday promotions; Usually, the company will book a weekend before or after for the products of the American firm.

Finally, product exclusions are frequent in Fnac promotions, so read the terms of the Black Friday offers very well.

Apple products

If you are interested in a new MacBook, an Apple TV, an iPhone, an Apple Watch or any other product with the stamp of the bitten apple, I am sure that you will find a good handful of promotions and discounts in computer stores and electronics in general like Worten, Mediamarkt, El Corte Inglés, and others. However, some of the best deals I’ve seen in recent years have been in.

Apple Logo 007


Undoubtedly, the best discounts on Apple products from Black Friday is possible to find them is MacNíficos, a store specializing in this brand and accessories for their products. The promotions are usually quite “aggressive”, especially in the range of Mac products, but you will also find discounts on iPhone, Apple Watch, accessories, and so on.


It’s another chain of stores very similar to MacNíficos. It has several physical stores in Zaragoza, Alicante, Madrid, and other cities, but also has an online store where you can find interesting Black Friday offers to renew or improve your Apple devices and equipment.

K Tuin Black Friday

On the other hand, have a survey that part of their promotions consists of “Money K-Tuin”, a voucher whose amount you can use for the payment of your next purchases, but always limited to a maximum percentage depending on the type of product concerned. For example, even if you have a voucher for € 100, you can not use an Apple Pencil in its entirety, you can only pay with K-Tuin money up to 10 percent of it.


Many users prefer to buy their Apple products directly in the physical stores of this brand or through their website, ignoring offers and discounts from other establishments, and this despite the fact that the coverage of the guarantee is exactly the same, and they serve you equally of good no matter where you bought your products.

Manzana Black Friday

However, as they said to my people, Apple “has his hand on his shoulder”, that is, his offers, if he makes them, are quite insignificant. In spite of this, you can probably get some discount when buying a new iPad, Mac or other product.


And if those with the bitten apple participate in Black Friday, of course, it is also their eternal rival in the Microsoft computer sector.

During this Friday of the offer (and probably also a few days before and after), the giant of Redmond offers special prices, discounts, and promotions on many of its devices such as the Surface series, on online products and software, such as Office 365, and also on your Xbox console, including promotional packs, games, and subscriptions to Xbox Live.

Microsoft Black Friday


The Murcian electronics and computer store, located in the town of Alhama de Murcia, has become very popular for its good prices and excellent customer service. In addition, during the Black Friday presents great promotions and discounts in the image, computing, telephony, gaming and much more. So do not forget to visit their website.

PcComponents Black Friday

One of the peculiarities of the Black Friday offerings in PC Components is that they usually carry out thematic days, that is, the promotions are extended throughout the week, being each day of the same focus on a single category of products. For example, last year worked as follows:

  • Monday:  computers and peripherals
  • Tuesday:  mobile phones, tablets, and wearables
  • Wednesday:  televisions and multimedia
  • Thursday:  gaming and components
  • Friday:  offers in all sections (it’s the “big day”)

For the 2018 edition, the store itself has already confirmed that it will continue the trend of the previous year by launching a whole  Black Week:

One more year, in PcComponentes we want to surprise you. Therefore, after two years giving everything in the Black Week , a week with great offers and discounts in the most demanded product categories, we have already put hands to work so that the Black Friday 2018 is the best in our history.


Nor can we forget the well-known eBay that rose to fame as an online auction site but with the passage of time is more like a marketplace where you can get all kinds of products at great prices and with the advantage of being able to use PayPal as a means of payment.

eBay Black Friday

EBay’s first offers could arrive on Monday, November 19, extending beyond Black Friday and linking to Cyber Monday, a day in which eBay also participates in a big way.

Undoubtedly, the variety of products and offers available is as high and wide as in Amazon, with discounts that could exceed 60%. Of course, keep in mind that in many cases the available units are limited. Do not waste time.

App stores

You can also take advantage of Black Friday to get new games and applications for your smartphone or tablet, free or with a good discount. Both the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android each year offer a good package of apps on offer. Do not miss them because maybe you can get that app for which you have been waiting for a discount for months.

App stores Black Friday


The popular store specializing in video games and consoles does not miss the opportunity to increase their annual sales during the celebration of Black Friday. If you are passionate about this type of product, you should know that, both in its physical stores and through its website, you can benefit from succulent discounts and promotional offers in a selection of games for all platforms, discounts on components and accessories for PC, offers in merchandising and also rebates in electronics products.

Game Black Friday

Large electronics and computer chains

I refer here to giants like Worten or Mediamarkt. Much more aggressive than the first one, at Mediamarkt you will find discounts and special offers in all sections, from Apple products and computer in general to appliances and home. Special mention deserves his  2 × 1 film offer, something he has been doing for at least three or four years now, and which I hope he will repeat at Black Friday 2018.

Mediamarkt Black Friday

But you also have to have a lot of eyes. Sadly, it is usual that in the stores of “I am not stupid” sometimes they take us for such, raising the price of certain products in the days before black Friday and then promote them as offers that, de facto, are not real.

Chinese stores online

The Chinese online sales shops turn during Black Friday offering a multitude of offers, discounts, and special promotions. Aliexpress is the best example of this, with offers on all types of products but especially in electronics and accessories. Also other portals such as  Gearbest or Banggood, which already have a long experience and good reputation, you will have great promises, even in products that you never imagined existed.


Other stores where to buy on Black Friday

As I already told you before, do not lose sight of other online stores, physical stores, and large stores during Black Friday 2018. Sometimes, this is where you can find the best offer for that product that you have been wanting for so long. For example, I still remember the 20 percent discount on an iPad that a “Black Friday” I took at Carrefour.

  • The English Court and Hipercor, with offers and discounts in computer science, electronics, cinema, music, home, appliances, stationery, fashion, food …
  • Carrefour, with promotions in all types of products.
  • BQ – the popular Spanish firm will offer attractive discounts on many of its smartphones and tablets.
  • Phone House – you will also have offers and promotions on tablets, smartphones and all kinds of accessories.
  • Orange, Jazztel, Vodafone, Yoigo, Simyo, Movistar and other telephone operators. None of them will miss this day offering discounts on smartphones, tablets, accessories and also discounts on their voice, data, fiber rates.

As you have been able to verify, the possibilities of saving you a good money taking advantage of the offers and the discounts of the Black Friday of 2018 are enormous. And this despite the fact that we have only mentioned some of the best-known stores.

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