The best detective games for Android in 2024

If you are a careful person, like to solve impossible puzzles or you are a fan of crime series, you are in luck. Today we will talk about the best detective games that you can find in the Google Play Store, we will see how to step into the shoes of a detective and emulate Colombo, Jessica Jones, or Sherlock Holmes himself.

Some of those names are old but don’t worry, you can also be a character from CSI or any other body of investigation. The thing is, we will spend some hectic moments trying to solve the crime scene and find out who the killer might be with the best free detective games.

If you liked Cluedo and other similar games, get ready and grab your magnifying glass, your briefcase with the necessary tools and let’s solve the most difficult crimes we can find in investigative online games for Android.

The best detective games for Android

1. Criminal Case

Let’s start with one of the best-rated investigative free games given by users, with 4.6 stars worth spending a little time, or maybe a lot more. If you want to solve the murders and crimes that have been committed, take a look at the clues and traces left by the killer.

This is a totally free detective game, where you have to find out who killed Rosa Wolf. You are a member of the Grimsborough Police and have to solve a series of murder cases. This detective game mixes adventure and hidden object search, which makes it very interesting.

You have to investigate different crime scenes to find clues, you will be able to summon suspects to interrogate them and analyze the necessary evidence to be able to catch the killers, make no mistakes and do not let the culprit escape, your prestige is at stake.

2. Detective Story- The Jack Case – Hidden Objects

If you want excitement and intrigue, this detective game will take you to the deepest recesses of what a human mind can hide, based on real events, we now move to the city of Philadelphia, the city where our detective office is located.

Receive a mysterious package in your office with a box inside and locked. Soon after, you get a phone call in which an unknown voice informs you of two things- the first is his name, Jack, and the second is that you only have an hour to save a man’s life. For all of this, you have only one clue to start your investigation.

With this plot who can resist finding out what happened, you will have to look for clues, objects, and everything that leads you to solve such a mystery. Explore unique places and talk to over thirty characters who can help you whether or not…

You will find many mini-games during your investigation, which will give you clues and solve small confusions that will meet your path as an investigator. It includes the ability to find and collect a series of letters with which you will get details on the lives of the real bosses of the underworld and criminal gangs.

3. Murder Mystery 3- A Life Of Crime

We are involved in heinous crimes that must be solved in the best possible way and the culprit must be found. Of course, you must know English as this game is in this language, it is not very complicated and it can also help us improve criminal and investigative vocabulary.

It is necessary to interrogate the suspects and get as much information as possible to solve the case in question, not to leave without inspecting the bodies and analyzing the crime scene to obtain much needed and essential clues in the case.

But be careful as some may be fake or are not in the right place for something… Take extra precautions or you may even be the next victim…

4. Captain Nemo- Find Hidden Objects Free Game

Now let’s move on to a game whose theme is not like that of previous titles, but it is very interesting. This free online investigation game is a so-called “object search”. You have to pay close attention to find the items that are required of you on each screen.

Completely in Italian, and if you liked Jules Verne’s novel, it is a way to pay homage to the story of the wonderful journey of Captain Nemo and the three friends who met aboard the submarine ship, the Nautilus. 

Set in this theme, you have to find the objects in a series of complicated and varied places, which you can enjoy in 360-degree panoramas and 3D views.

Its interface and design deserve you to spend some of your time and decide if it’s worth it or not. Even if you liked a scene, you can repeat it with new items to look for, something that gives it an edge in its rating.

5. Mr. Detective- Detective games and criminal cases

Now let’s move on to an investigation game for the little ones of the house, for those who want to emulate the detective of their favorite series or because they love to discover mysteries. It looks like a cartoon.

With interesting and very challenging cases, they will test their skills to solve the puzzles proposed by Detective Lord, take a good look at the scenes to find the correct clues. You must then choose the correct answer from those offered in relation to the case.

As you succeed and progress, the level will go up, solve them all to become the ultimate detective of the moment, and be the best.

6. Mysterious Crimes – Detective CrimeBot

We are in the year 2049 and we are in the body of investigators created by Scotland Yard to solve the most complicated crimes of the moment. Is Crime Bot an exclusive agency that you belong to and that helps the police solve cases where they have hit a dead end?

Thanks to the technological graft that you have implanted in your head, you will be able to observe better and find clues that would go unnoticed to a simple human eye, so your effectiveness must be greater than that of any simple researcher. Find hidden objects at the crime scene, talk to suspects and witnesses, analyze their alibis, and find the killer.

The cases will be different each time, you will also have to solve them in the shortest possible time, and you will have a limited number of attempts before the killer manages to escape. Get to work and arrest all the culprits, don’t let any crime go unpunished.

7. Mysteries of Scooby-Doo

Another one of the detective games for the little ones of the house, based on the famous Scooby-Doo cartoon saga. This is a fun episode in which you will have to earn fame on Mystery Channel, with this you will increase the followers and at the same time, you will go in search of clues in the most hilarious scenes you can imagine.

Solve and play tons of mini-games and don’t forget to build traps to catch and unmask the culprit. You have more than forty-five levels, where you can dress Shaggy and Scooby in whatever you want, laughs guaranteed in the funniest mysteries.

With Scooby Cookies, you can buy more costumes and improve characters. Every login and every mystery solved will earn you more cookies than Scooby-Doo loves, leading to bigger rewards. Don’t forget to read the comics, watch the videos, and learn more about our character biographies.

8. Clue Detective- Murder Mystery Inspector Crimes

Here we have the Android version of the most popular of the board detective games El Cluedo. Find out where she was killed, with what weapon and in what room, and all this without forgetting who the killer was in the case. Prepare your wits, to find out what is hidden in the envelope.

We have an envelope containing the solution to the crime, which contains one letter of each type chosen completely at random. Inside this envelope are all the facts of the crime (the suspect, the murder room, and the guilty’s weapon). The rest of the cards are distributed among the other players, who must solve the mystery.

As in the board game, you have to make an accusation depending on the clues you have, you will expose them, but be careful if you fail you can be eliminated from the game. Each player starts the game with three or more cards, it will depend on the number of players in the game.

Hope you can uncover and solve all the mysteries that we have dealt with in the list of games we expose here today. What is certain is that you will enjoy the titles that we have compiled for you to enjoy and to put yourself under the skin of the best detectives of the moment, shine the magnifying glass and discover all the hidden clues to unmask the perpetrators of any crime.

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