The Galaxy Fold arrives without headphones jack

The Galaxy Fold of Samsung was the big star of the presentation event of the Korean firm. The signature folding phone is finally real and has generated a lot of expectation. Although it becomes the most expensive smartphone of the manufacturer. Little by little, the details of the whole telephone have been known at this time. It has been when it has been seen that it comes without headphones jack.

The Galaxy Fold arrives without headphones jack

Nothing about this had been mentioned in the event. Although it has not been until the past hours when it was possible to appreciate such absence.

Galaxy Fold without jack

So far no explanation has been given about the reasons why Samsung has made the decision to remove this headphone jack Galaxy Fold. While it is clear that the Korean firm is committed to wireless headphones, with its Galaxy Buds, it is not clear if there is a specific reason. If for some technical reason it has not been possible on the phone.

The Korean brand has not said anything about this. No mention of the jack was mentioned in the phone presentation. In its specifications, which were arriving later, no mention was made either. When you could see the phone in reality, it is when you have seen such absence.

Without a doubt, a decision that many will not like. Therefore, to listen to music with the Galaxy Fold you will have to use wireless headphones. What do you think about this Samsung decision?

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