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Twitter begins to remove accounts blocked by tracking followers

In the next few days, your Twitter followers could significantly decrease. The microblogging service has, in fact, announced that starting this week, it will begin to eliminate blocked accounts from the track of followers.

“Most people will see a change of about four followers or less, while for accounts with more followers there will be a more significant drop.”

This week, however, will not mark the end of the changes for Twitter that has decided to run for cover against the growing use of fake accounts designed to spread misinformation and generate spam on the platform. One of the first “countermeasures” was, in recent weeks, the introduction of the request confirmation of an email address or a telephone number.

Followers could also vary systematically based on the work of a new machine learning algorithm that proactively identifies “problematic” accounts before they are reported by someone.

We know it may be difficult for someone, but we believe that accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more reliable service for public conversations.

Usually, when Twitter detects unusual activity on an account, it blocks it by requiring a password change. If the password is not changed within a month, the account will be prevented from sending tweets, retweets or promotional messages.

Twitter has explicitly stated that removing the follower will not have any impact on users, it will not affect, therefore, “MAUs (monthly active users) or DAUs (active users daily)” , reads the blog post.

According to the Washington Post report, in the last two months, the increase in account controls would have reached an unprecedented level. In fact, only in May and June, Twitter would have suspended over 70 million accounts deemed false.

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