How To Unlock Glo 4G Huawei E5377BS-508 MiFi


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Do you own the Glo 4G Huawei mifi (model no – E5377BS-508) and you want to use other cellular networks on it? You should be thanking your stars now because you are at the right place.

The Glo modem in question is locked to only Glo SIM cards when you purchase it. But there can be a situation when you’d want to use a different network on the modemIn such a situation you need to have the modem unlocked. To unlock the modem, you need to have the right code because entering a wrong code (especially multiple times) can render the modem useless.

So, here’s an excellent solution:

  • Step 1: First, turn off the modem and insert the SIM card of your choice.
  • Step 2: Turn it on and plug it into your PC or you can equally connect it to your smartphone using the Huawei app.
  • Step 3: After plugging the modem, it begins to make an automatic search for the ip address – When the search is complete, you have to enter your login details; by default the username and password are both “admin” without the quotes.
  • Step 4: Next, you are prompted to enter an unlock code for the modem because it is currently locked. Pause at this stage; don’t just type in any code as you run the risk of vitiating the modem.
  • Step 5: For a genuine unlock code, you need to visit this free online code generator and insert the IMEI and network details of your modem. When you’ve entered the details and generated the code move on to the final step.
  • Step 6: Finally, copy the code and paste it into the box when your modem prompts you for an unlock code. If the code is good, you should see a success message and you can then begin to use the modem with other networks.
Here’s what you can do when you unlock the device

That’s all! However, if you can’t get a genuine code online, you can equally purchase the code from a credible online vendor. Though you need to be careful as there are many scammers online. I sincerely hope that this tutorial helps.

Happy unlocking!

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