WhatsApp – if you disagree with the rules, this will happen!

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If WhatsApp has been talked about for many years due to the many features that were always arriving, behold, things have recently changed, and the topic is still the same due to what is happening. The new WhatsApp rules. You have until May 15 to say whether you agree or not. But so far, no one had yet revealed what would happen if they disagreed. Now we know, so be careful.

WhatsApp- if you disagree with the rules, this will happen!

Contrary to what was said initially, if you do not accept the new rules, you do not immediately lose access to the new account. That said, for several weeks, you can continue to receive calls and notifications. However, you will not be able to read or send messages from the app.

What goes on from here is still not very clear. However, if we consider that WhatsApp has a new policy of deleting accounts that have been inactive for 120 days, likely, this will eventually happen to those who do not accept the rules.

Looking at all this, it is already known that WhatsApp will not abandon the new rules it announced last month. So if you continue to use this application, you should soon receive information about the new privacy policy that will be implemented very soon.

The first thing that will happen in the coming weeks is that a banner will appear that offers more information about updates in the privacy policy.

The banner will respond to many concerns that users have raised.

Whatsapp Privacy Policy
Whatsapp Privacy Policy

In practice, this platform wants to show that things are not as worrying as they initially seemed. In any case, if you’re going to continue using this application, you will have to accept the new policy until May 15th.

The privacy issue of WhatsApp that covers the entire platform, from WhatsApp Web to apps on mobile devices, has led to a mass movement to other competing systems. Who won with this was Telegram and also Signal. In fact, Telegram even managed to reach the top spot in the TOP of most downloaded apps, at least in the Play Store. Indeed, most rumors about WhatsApp are not true. But as soon as people started hearing about sharing data with Facebook, they immediately wanted to run away. The problem is that Telegram and Signal can follow the same path as WhatsApp.


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