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Telegram VS Telegram X – Which version is better?

Telegram VS Telegram X – Which version is better? Before deciding which version is better, why don’t we do a brief introduction to the application as a whole? For people who aren’t conversant with the messenger apps. Telegram is an instant messenger just like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, SnapChat; the list is endless. We live in a digital age and just like every other digital messenger out there, Telegram is cloud-based.

The instant messenger is owned by a private company registered in London, United Kingdom called “Telegram Messenger LLP“. The company was founded by 33 years old Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov in 2013. Before that, he and his brother Nikolai Durov founded VK (a Russian online social media and social networking service) in 2007. But were later dismissed as CEO of VK in 2014. Pavel Durov is worth an estimated $1.7 billion.

The Telegram app is available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, Windows NT, and macOS. The app enable users to send messages, exchange videos, audios, photos, stickers and any file type. The application is available in 14 languages (English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Persian, Ukrainian and Korean). Earlier this year, the company decided to launch a new version of their messaging app and called it “Telegram X“. The company had bought an alternative client app called “Challegram“” which they turned to Telegram X. So let’s discuss the differences and similarities between the “Telegram original version” and the “Telegram X version”.

Telegram VS Telegram X – Availability

The first difference between the Telegram and Telegram X is their availability. The regular Telegram is available to iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Phone and Windows NT. While the Telegram X is only available for iOS and Android.

Telegram VS Telegram X – User Interface

Telegram VS Telegram X
The Telegram X has a separate Calls tab and Chats tab

Both apps have a slightly different home user interface. On the Telegram app, the dedicated calls option is on the menu. While on the Telegram X, you can see the calls option beside the chats option separated by tabs just like WhatsApp. And also thanks to the Telegram X’s fluid animations, it’s faster than the regular Telegram.

Telegram VS Telegram X – New Sidebar Options

Telegram VS Telegram X
The Sidebar Option on the Telegram X

When you login in on both apps, you’ll notice the sidebar of the Telegram X is smaller with fewer options. And offers two new options “Bubbles Mode” and “Night mode”.

Telegram VS Telegram X
Sidebar Option on the regular Telegram

While the regular Telegram features too many options such as “New channel”, “New Secret chat” and so on.

Telegram VS Telegram X – Night and Bubbles Mode

Telegram VS Telegram X

The Telegram X allows you to view messages in either “Bubbles Mode” or “Flat Mode” which is not available on the regular Telegram.

And also the Night Mode feature. The regular Telegram doesn’t offer the night mode option, but you can still change your theme in settings to a dark one.

Telegram VS Telegram X – No Limit To Flies Size

Arguably the best feature of the Telegram X, users can exchange large files at no cost. You can download and send an unlimited number of files all for FREE!!!!

Telegram VS Telegram X – Conclusion

With all the new features the Telegram X offers, it’ll be hard to resist the app. Both the Telegram and Telegram X are both amazing apps, but the Telegram X is more innovative in my opinion. Although, you should know that the Telegram X is still in its early stages i.e it’s still experimental. Some users of the Telegram X have complained saying the faster animation slows their iPhone/iPad. Also, some users of the app on Android smartphone have had a similar complaint. While for some, the app is working efficiently. So i suggest you try both apps out and then pick which ever one that works well for you.

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