Whatsapp – trick to have 200 secret emojis in the chats

Chat on whatsapp without coming online
Chat on whatsapp without coming online

There is a Whatsapp trick that almost nobody knows. Using it will get you 200 hidden emojis that you can use in chats and in groups to impress friends, partners, and relatives. There is something for all tastes and all we have to do is choose. Here’s how we have to do to get the new colored faces.

Whatsapp- friends don’t have these secret emojis

Do you want to impress your friends or your partner? There are not only the new tricks to send a message without a phone but also the emblematic simplicity of the emoji. We talk about the smileys that animate our conversations. Today there are new and more numerous ones. Whoever manages to view the new unofficial list published by Unicode is on horseback. As already specified, it has not yet been made public and may undergo subsequent modifications. However, you can already visualize and – what is even more exciting – can be used in all its parts.

Just select your favorite image from the list of new designs and make a copy and paste in our writing area on the app. You will not need to go and retrieve the emoji from the list from time to time. Once it is used it is saved in the last smilies used recently. One tap and it’s available to us again quickly. The procedure should not be repeated.

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Changes to the new standard are being defined and the coding of the coming days may differ from the one in use at this very moment. The images must be approved before being publicly released. For now, there are 1,700 total emojis and these will soon be joined by others. Have you tried sending some to friends? How did they react? Leave us a comment and follow us to find out all the new Whatsapp updates scheduled for the next few days. Find us online on the site and in our social media channels.


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