Why activate Windows 10?

    Activate Windows 10
    Activate Windows 10

    Microsoft changed a lot with the launch of Windows 10. Most importantly, Microsoft made it easy to install Windows without having to activate it. The idea was to cut down on the rampant piracy and cracked versions of Windows that are out there. But it raised another question. Why do you need to activate Windows 10 on your computer if you can download the official version and use it freely? It turns out there are several reasons behind it, and you should purchase a Windows license ASAP. Let’s understand why and then we’ll see how to activate Windows 10 too.

    What happens if I don’t activate Windows 10?

    One of the reasons you should consider activating Windows 10 is its features. Windows 10 includes several features, many of which are only available in the licensed version. Some of my favorites are system-wide dark mode, Windows Defender, Focus Assist, and Windows Hello, among others.

    Also, you can’t install and use Microsoft Office on Windows 10 unless you turn it on. If you manage to install the crack or trial version, you will be greeted by a constant pop-up reminding you to activate. It’s annoying and counterproductive.

    You get a watermark on the bottom right of the screen reminding you that you are using the free version.

    These are just some of the key features that you will miss. And the Windows development team is constantly working on new features that you’ll never get because you can’t even download updates.

    If you thought that Windows updates were only about pushing new features or updating old ones, you are wrong. Instead, Microsoft often sends out small updates that fix known bugs and errors. These bugs affect how you interact with the Windows operating system and Microsoft apps.

    What happens if Windows 10 doesn’t activate?

    If you thought that Windows updates were only about new features or updating old ones, you are wrong. Instead, Microsoft often sends out small updates that fix known bugs and errors. These bugs affect how you interact with the Windows operating system and Microsoft apps.

    Microsoft’s development team are not the only people looking for these bugs. Independent and passionate developers also work as freelancers through the Microsoft Bug Bounty program. If you find a bug and report it to Microsoft, you will receive a reward for it. These rewards can be substantial, which is why some people have made it their profession and even do it for a living.

    You are not receiving any security updates

    Windows Updates also contain security fixes for recently discovered malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. Fighting cybercriminals and hackers is a never-ending war. You can never defeat them; keep them at bay, and Windows updates are one way to do that.

    You can do your part by updating your computer, which you can only do after activating Windows 10 on your computer. These security updates and fixes are needed to protect your data and identity and prevent hackers from taking over your system to blackmail you. It’s called ransomware, and it’s a nightmare.

    Why not use pirated Windows 10 product key?

    Many Windows users still scour the internet for cracked Windows product keys, hoping to activate Windows 10 for free on their computer. Here is the problem.

    Scams and fraud are also rampant. You will often find a shady merchant on social media or on some forum claiming to have a Windows 10 license key for a few dollars. It will ask you to pay in advance via PayPal or even Bitcoin, and it will cost you less than a tenth of the original price. You’ll buy thinking it’s a good deal only to realize you’ve just been scammed. That’s why you should always buy directly from Microsoft or only from authorized resellers.

    Windows 10 license types

    There are mainly two types of licenses. One is Windows Home, and the other is Windows Pro. Together with them, you get all the features of Windows Home such as Windows Hello, firewall, encryption, parental control, and Defender. On the other hand, windows Pro offers greater control for developers, businesses, and advanced users such as Group Policy Editor, Kiosk Mode, Access Control, Azure support, and more.

    When you purchase a computer with Windows pre-installed, it is called an OEM license, and the cost of the license is included in the final price of the product. On the other hand, when purchasing a computer with DOS, you must purchase a retail license from Microsoft or an authorized reseller. The difference is that the OEM license is not transferable. However, if you sell your computer and buy a new one, the retail license is transferable, making it a lifetime deal. This is why buying DOS-based laptops can make a lot of sense.

    How to activate Windows 10

    You don’t need to activate Windows 10 if it’s pre-installed on your computer. If you purchased the online/offline license and have a 25 character product key, read on. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings and go to Update & Security> Activation> Update Product Key> Change Product Key. Ideally, the interface will ask you to enter the serial during or immediately after the installation process.

    Windows 10 license keys can be expensive for many, which is why I recommend purchasing a retail license. You can also transfer it. You need to activate Windows 10 on your computer to have all features, updates, bug fixes, and security patches.


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