Why have an SSL certificate?

In this article, we will see what an SSL Certificate consists of, how and why to obtain it and for what reasons it is able to increase trust in visitors or customers of a site.

SSL certificate, why have it

To understand the importance of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, suffice it to say that it allows data exchange via the Internet. It is a system that encrypts and therefore protects the huge amount of data that is transmitted via the HTTPS protocol.

It is the goal of any company to be able to count on a reliable site for those who surf, this because it corresponds to an indisputable advantage in terms of security and image and also because it is the basis from which to start attracting new customers.

Since 2014, Google has been rewarding sites that use SSL certificates by penalizing others. Unlike those who use the HTTP protocol, in fact, those with SSL certificates are

more reliable and secure.

Sites with SSL certificate are favored in positioning among search results and unlike those based on HTTP protocol, they can access Google Shopping services.

How SSL technology works

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) digital certificates are protocols that are created with the aim of encrypting the flow of information collected from a specific site so that each type of

data is not made visible by other subjects except those directly concerned.

The exchange of information is done in this exclusive and private way since each communication is subject to a specific check for the integrity of the cryptography itself before it can be completely concluded.

SSL guarantees to those who visit a website that their data have not been illegally intercepted and ensures protection from phishing, fraud or theft of sensitive data. Precisely for their specific function, SSL certificates protect to the maximum degree the sensitive information that users have to convey via the web and offer encryption up to 256 certified bits.

The encryption of information, the basis of data security and confidentiality, allows the various data exchanged to be encrypted for everyone except for the user who established the

connection and for the server on which the website is hosted.

Advantages of using SSL certificates

As anticipated, the use of SSL certificates has unquestionable advantages, ensures full respect for privacy and protects users who choose a specific site. In summary, here are a number of reasons why you should use SSL certificates on your site:

  • Reliability and security. SSL certificates protect data encryption at any time, making browsing extremely safer;
  • Best positioning. Google rewards sites with SSL certificate and strongly penalizes all others, with obvious differences in search results;
  • Access to Google Shopping. The Google Shopping service is accessible only to those who have SSL certificates and is barred from all others;
  • Corporate image improvement. A site that uses SSL certificates is perceived as more secure and reliable, which is why it contributes to increasing the positive perception of the reference company.

Among the most used applications of these digital certificates, the most common use is certainly that of the website field, thanks to which it is possible to protect the data of your website, to ensure secure and encrypted transactions and count on a safe and reliable service.

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