Why Vivo Phones Are Becoming Attractive to More People

Back in those days, people always thought anything coming out of China is bad. For a mobile phone, that could be bad processors, low display features, weak battery, low quality camera and things like this. Now, the story is looking different. Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi are just a few of the companies that are changing the way we view Chinese phones.

Increased Performance

What this means is that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are gearing up for change and are all embracing neo-tech in order to make better smartphones that are at par with the times we live in. in all ramifications, Vivo phones are picking up. Now we can talk about Vivo phones that come with 12GB of RAM; with Vivo iQOO being the latest of these. That phone will bring with it features that Vivo fans have never seen before. One of such is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. In fact, the company even stepped up in offering five variants of the phone.

Vivo generally announced four variants and fans thought it was all they could expect but Vivo soon added another variant of 12GB + 128GB. Another 12GB + 256GB had been released earlier. In these aspects, Vivo is showing clearly that it is on top of the game.

Reverse Notch

Yes, we know about the waterdrop notch, and we know just how important they are in preserving the glory of the phone’s display area. Vivo is now a pioneer of a different type of notch called the reverse notch. This type of notch will allow for what experts call ‘an all-screen smartphone. It is still in development but Vivo phones released after June 2019 may berth with this technology.

The good thing about this feature is that it may have a kind of arch shape showing up on the top edge housing the camera and what the manufacturer is doing is to make better use of space on the phone display. Take a look at the top picture and the second image to your right gives you a good idea of what Vivo is working on. Probably, we may see these in Xiaomi phones too as time goes on but we never know.


5G Connection

Still further with the innovation that Vivo is bringing into the smartphone world, we cannot help but talk about the 5G internet connection that is the in-thing right now in developed countries. Vivo too is having a part in this wonderful story of magnificent speed coming to smartphones soon. A Weibo post showed that come June 26 or 27, Vivo will present the first Chinese 5G network smartphone to the world. It will be in use after testing. Such glory could have emanated from Huawei if not because of sanctions that have been dished out to that company.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that this company which came from humble beginnings is making headway in the smartphone world. Fans will continue to ask for more because once one magnificent innovation has passed some time, people thirst for another. So far so good, with what we see, Vivo has not yet increased its demographics to some countries although no one can deny that it is already a household name. Yet, if it persists in this way, there are still many privileges and opportunities open to the manufacturers of Vivo smartphones.

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