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Xiaomi AirDots (Youth Edition) officially launched

Xiaomi also brings Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition that finally own True Wireless Headphones on the market – and there is one thing above all – Cheap. In the home country of the manufacturer, they should cost the equivalent of only 25 euros.

True wireless headphones are still a pretty expensive proposition if you do not want to buy a no-name product from the Amazon bestseller list. The new Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition is therefore particularly interesting because of their low price, which is the equivalent of only about 25 euros. Nevertheless, they offer good quality on paper.

The new Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition is based on the current Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which enables, among other things, a more stable connection to the smartphone. Xiaomi’s true wireless headphones are controlled via a touchpad on the back of both handsets. By a gesture, you can pause the music or change the current song.

Of course, the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition comes with a matching case. If they are removed, they automatically connect to the last connected smartphone. If you put them back in it, they turn off and are charged. The battery capacity of the case should be sufficient to charge the headphones twice. One charge will then be enough for up to 4 hours of music enjoyment.

Of course, you can expect a miracle at a price of only 25 euros sonically. Nevertheless, the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition makes a very interesting impression at first glance. An acquisition of the True Wireless headphones will certainly be soon possible through the usual import shops.

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