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Xiaomi Mibro Air – Beautiful, competent and cheap watch

The smartwatch market is full of cheap, expensive, beautiful, big, ugly, giant models, focused on fitness, focused on smart features, etc… There is no lack of choice! Especially in the lower ranges, where brands like Xiaomi, Bllitzwolf, and ZeBlaze go out of their way to get consumers’ attention, and their euros, of course are.

Yesterday, I received for testing one of the ‘budget’ smartwatches that has impressed me the most so far! I’m talking about the Mibro Air of our old friend Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mibro Air- A quality smartwatch at a good price!

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So, if you don’t know Mibro, we’re talking about a new division of Xiaomi! So far, it seems to be focused on the launch of cheap but very interesting devices in terms of design, construction, and, of course, features.

Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve dealt with this new sub-brand, but the feeling couldn’t be better. After all, budget watches are not lacking in my house. Some even end up not reviewing how horrible they are. But this one, as soon as it came out of the box, immediately started to impress! First with its featherweight, and then with the quality of the screen.

But let’s go by parts.

Technical specifications:

  • Display– LCD IPS 1.29 ”(240 x 240)
  • Connectivity– Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery– 200mAh (up to 10 days)
  • Size– 42 x 42 x 9.2 mm
  • Weight– 23g

Design and First Impressions

Here we have a round clock with a (finally) simple design, but still very beautiful. Interestingly, the body is made of metal and not plastic, which gives it a very good feeling in the hand or wrist, and of course, far superior to many of the rivals in the same price range.

However, the rear is made of hard plastic, which in my opinion, turns out to be a positive point because the metal is much colder than plastic and having a cold wrist in the winter… No thanks.

Build quality

Very briefly, for the price, I am very satisfied with the materials chosen and with the quality of construction in general, especially when we take into account the size and weight of this ‘boy,’ a 42mm watch 9.2mm thick, and a weight of 23 grams (without the strap).

It is a pleasure to use this watch daily or during training sessions (I have already had the opportunity to train once with him). However, doing push-ups and burpees, I pressed the machine’s single side button several times without meaning to.

However, we must also bear in mind that we have IP68 certification here. That is, you can bathe with him, but swimming is not a great idea.


In a world where OLED is increasingly an obligation and not an option, we have an LCD screen. However, it is a sin that I can forgive at this price, not least because the quality is all there.

Features and Application

The way connectivity is done with the smartphone is simple, nor is the QR code shown on the watch necessary. You just need to install the Mibro Fit app and basically follow the simple steps presented on the screen. (Available for Android and iOS)

Within the App, you can control several things, such as the watch face of the watch (it is possible to download it within the app). In fact, you can even upload images to put as a background on the clock, which is simply brutal in its simplicity.

We also have a ‘Quick Menu,’ which interestingly reminds me of Samsung Galaxy watches’ quick menu. It’s very easy to get where you want to go, and we even have a good list of features, such as music control, training tracking, stopwatch, alarms, find my phone, taking photos remotely, etc.…

We also have several widgets, again reminiscent of Samsung watches, where you can see the calories spent, weather, steps, etc…

However, if you are thinking about this boy for sport, you will not have the best sensor in the world here. After all, even today, I was about to die, and he was only aiming for 120bpm, something completely unrealistic, but which may also have something to do with the amount of sweat on my body and my own pulse. (I have some difficulties with all the heart rate sensors on the market)

As you can imagine, at this price, we don’t have one of the most desired features, such as calling through the watch itself.


Here we have another strong point, a 200mAh battery and an expected battery life of about 10 days if you have the heart rate sensor always on. (if it is disconnected, it easily arrives in 20 ~ 25 days)


Skagen 3 Galaxy Watch Active 2 Mibro Air
Skagen 3 Galaxy Watch Active 2 Mibro Air

Very briefly, if you are interested in a cheap smartwatch, and want something beautiful but simple, here is an excellent alternative.

Obviously, you don’t have a Galaxy Watch or an Apple Watch here, but for this price? It’s great! Especially for users who have never had a ‘smart’ watch on their wrist.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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