Xiaomi will also launch a Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

The Chinese brand is finalizing the details of its new high range, which is expected to be launched soon. The first details about it have already arrived this week. In addition, the device will not come alone, because we also expect a Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition. Like last year, a somewhat improved version of the normal model.

Xiaomi will also launch a Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

Although last year’s model has never reached stores in Europe. So it is expected that this year the distribution will be better.

New Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition

So far, too many details about this model have not been filtered. Although a couple of photos have already been leaked, they allow us to discover a key aspect about this Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition. Since the device would arrive with four cameras in the back. Remember that the normal model would arrive with three in total. For what it supposes a better one in that sense, or can suppose it.

Although for now, we do not know what kind of cameras or the megapixels that each of them will have. Luckily, it is expected that it will be presented soon. Because there is an event on February 20, maybe, and if not, the brand will be at the MWC.

Therefore, it is likely that on February 24 will be officially known this Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition. A device that we hope this year has a better distribution and can be purchased in Europe. Soon we will have new information about the phone.

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