HomeWith Xpressteachers, you can find a teaching job online without stress

With Xpressteachers, you can find a teaching job online without stress

Very true that we have a lot of job listing platforms in Nigeria that connects employers to job seekers and potential employees, but a problem with these platforms goes that everybody wants to be a Jack of all trade. None on these platforms focus on a particular type of job, except for one – Xpressteachers (Xpressteachers.com).

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The platform which was launched by Vivian Paseda on the 1st of April 2016, serves as a job posting board solely dedicated to the recruitment of educational personnel. This would further give credence and create better opportunities to those in the education field.

The model of Xpressteachers?

Basically, the model upon which Xpressteachers operates goes such that educational establishments are at liberty to place their vacancies for free, allowing educational professionals seeking employment to post their CVs, for free, with the hope of securing employment.

As a fully registered employer on the platform, you can browse through the CV database and make direct contact with candidates that match your vacancy criteria. While on the other hand, Jobseekers who find a vacancy matching their search criteria can also apply directly to the organisation.

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While startups like Jobberman, JobHunters are great, we have to admit that the founder of this startup went creative, and slim lined the market they address down to a particular one – education. Now, customers might prefer to visit Xpressteachers to search for jobs in their field than visit a general job listing platform.

Apart from helping customers, Xpressteachers are also helping employers who would also prefer to use their platform as their goal is to streamline the recruitment process, thus reducing the stress, time and cost associated with recruiting quality candidates.

It would be very normal for you to ask how Xpressteachers might be making their money. Well, they might not be making money YET, but since job posting is free on the site, it allows the site owner to own a database of experienced and qualified educational professionals across Nigeria which if well utilized can come in handy when a monetization plan sets in.

My thoughts?

It isn’t news anymore that Jason Njoku’s SPARK invested a huge amount of money in Jobberman, which is a platform that brings together employere and job seekers. While it was a nice investment, I see such too in Xpressteachers because as far as I am concerned it comes as the first entrant in the teaching job listing industry. And the popular slang here is “first come, first serve”.

So are you looking for a teaching job, or any investment the educational field, maybe your next stop shop should be Xpressteachers. They’d treat you just fine.

BTW, share me your thoughts on the  Xpressteachers startup concept. What do you envisage for it in the next two to three years? Let’s hear you.

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