Home2015 Konga Mega Monday Madness – 4 Hours Explosive Offers up to 80% Off

2015 Konga Mega Monday Madness – 4 Hours Explosive Offers up to 80% Off

Konga Mega Monday Madness

Be part of the Konga Mega Monday Madness coming up on the 12th of October and it’s happening within a short period of time. Konga have taken time out to provide you with the best deals you can get online and in just a single day. You can enjoy up to 80% discounts on best-selling products ranging from mobile phones, tables, laptops and authentic fashion items for men and women. This mega deal promo would take place between the hours of 10am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon and you would need to have some things in place to benefit from this opportunity. It seems unbelievable but true!


We urge you to follow the updates from our newsletters to get updated with our mouthwatering deals that would take place, download the Konga App so you can enjoy convenient shopping while navigating through the range of discounted products and with the use of Kongapay as a payment gateway solution, shopping is definitely easier and faster. Grab hold of this opportunity coming this Monday and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend about Konga’s mega Monday madness. It is going to be a matter of fastest fingers first, so hurry and don’t be left out of the promotion.

You can finally get your dream phones, tablets, laptop, shoes you’ve always wanted, new jackets and shirts for work, a birthday gift for your loved one, a new refrigerator and all the other items you might have in your cart and still have some money to save. This does not happen all the time so we can assure you there will be a rush. Save the date and get ready because it’s going to be MAD – Monday Amazing Deals! This is one Monday you’ll certainly love. Click HERE to be part of this epic sale. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!

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