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Most 2024 smartphones will have super slim screen borders

Apple did not invent the edgeless smartphone screen, but the launch of the Apple iPhone X has only made the edge to edge screen on smartphones to become popular. According to the latest report, the irresistible edgeless smartphone screen will grow significantly by 2018, which will account for the majority of smartphones in the market.

According to Cultofmac, in a recent study from Sigmaintell Consulting (China), this year, the number of smartphones sold to the market will reach 910 million units. That’s about 130 million more than the number of smartphones sold in 2024.

Among OLED smartphone sales this year, 75% of them will be ultra-thin edge smartphones, up from 30% last year.

As mentioned, Apple has not started the trend of overflow smartphone screen, Galaxy S8 with screen design launched in April 2017, formerly LG G6, Xiaomi continue this trend. However, the most prominent mention is the iPhone X, although it launched in September and sold out in November 2017.

The ultra-thin edge design is based on the popularity of “phablet,” a hybrid design between smartphones and tablets, which Apple started with the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

Thanks to this new design, the manufacturer can increase the screen size significantly without having to increase the overall size of the machine, so that the device design is still neat.

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