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5 Android Apps to Make Blogging Easy for Bloggers

Blogs have been considered the 5th most trusted sources of accurate online information.

With the daily improvement in technology, smartphones are fast becoming mobile computers. Blogging has been made easy, thanks to free apps on Google Play Store. You can now blog from anywhere even without your computer.

Android Apps for Blogging

There are many Android apps for bloggers; here are some free ones handpicked for you, and the official links to download them directly from Google Play Store.

5 Android Apps to Make Blogging Easy for Blogger

1) Google Adsense – Most of us are already earning from Google Adsense. With this app, you can track your earnings anywhere you go. It gives you an overview of your account.

You can check different reports including top ad units, channels, sites, and countries – all on your mobile phone.

Click to download Google Adsense from Play Store :==> Google Adsense android app

Google Adsense android app

2) WordPress – This is a great app for you if WordPress CMS (Content Management System) power your blog.

The WordPress app enables you to write, edit, and publish posts to your blog without sweat. You can also check and reply to comments from the app.

Click to download WordPress from Play Store – ==> WordPress Android app

WordPress Android app

3) Blogger: This one is for you if your blog runs on Blogger Platform.  The app makes it easy for you to write your blog post, save it, and publish it later.

It also allows you to embed images from your gallery or by taking pictures from the app. You can switch your account if you have more than one blog powered by Blogger.

Click to download Blogger from Play Store – ==> Blogger Android app

Blogger Android app

4) Feedly – No matter your niche, whether Tech, Health, News, Sport, Blogging, or any niche at all, Feedly is an essential app for you.

This app organises all your favourite blogs, YouTube channels, publications, and podcasts into one collection and lets you receive updates when new posts or videos are published.

You can use Feedly to spy on favourite blogs. Keep track of their every post. Learn from them and keep ahead.

Click to download Feedly from Play Store – ==> Feedly Android app

Feedly Android app

5) Google Analytics: As a blogger, it’s important you monitor the traffic of your blog. Knowing the primary source of your traffic will help you boost your traffic.

Google Analytics app provides you with the main metrics of your blog; page views, visitors, sessions, unique users, and so on.

You can as well use this app to check real-time reports of your blog. It also lets you save any report to your dashboard and come back to them later.

Click to download Google Analytics from Play Store – ==> Google Analytics Android app

Google Analytics Android app

I highly recommend you install these Android apps to make blogging easy. They are worth installing on your Android phone.

They are vital tools especially when you have no access to an internet connection on your computer, or you just have to minimise data usage.

Of course, these are just a few out of the numerous apps out there. If you know of or use any other useful app, please share your knowledge in the comment box. I’ll be glad to learn from you.

Author’s Bio: Fouad Atitebi is the curator of NairaTechnology. He is a freelance writer and copywriter available for hire.

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