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5 Best Android To-do List Alternatives to Google Tasks


Google has penetrated almost every aspect of our digital Life with the numerous products and services offered by them. Amongst these plethora of services is Google Tasks. Google Task is a cross-platform application that is useful in creating a to-do list and tracking tasks. Although Google Tasks comes loaded with a bunch of features, it still fails to hit the limelight. One drawback of the app is that it is not fuctional in team work. If you want to consider alternatives to Google Tasks, find below five of them.

Best Android To-do List Alternatives to Google Tasks

  1. Asana

Many people love this one because it has beautiful design and catchy interface that gives the user a lasting experience. Functionalities of the app makes it possible to map out progress on a project with the help of CRM, alerts and reminders so that you don’t miss your deadlines. The appealing interface makes the visuals of your work enhanced across multiple stages quickly easily and beautifully with boards involved. You can track your progress with the help of graphs and charts to make sure you hit the deadline.


  1. EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM has a multifunctional and multiplatform purpose. It is a personal information manager developed to let people remain updated and make room for them to easily manage their tasks, notes, appointments, contacts, passwords and much more. EssentialPIM even when used as a single version is enough for managing the complexity of an hectic life.  The main purpose of utilising the management and tracking servives of EssentialPIM is to ensure all the information are kept in a centralised place and is easily accessed.


  1. Any.do

This makes the list as a task application that is an alternative to Google Tasks. Any.do is one that is unique in it’s interface, with a design that is minimalistic. Even with this kind of design, it is very functional and easy to use. Using this application grants you to ability to organise your tasks by tags, create reminders and subtasks, create projects to assign tasks to people, add comments and attach files.


  1. Meistertask

If you know MindMeister, the online mapping tool employed to brainstorm with your team in real-time  and visually develop project plans – then you might reckon with Meistertask. The mapping done on MindMeister can be dragged and dropped to Meistertask where you do the assignment of tasks according to the mapping  of your team members. The task has features for instant communications, task-related discussions and sharing information to meet the goals.


  1. Todoist

Using Material Design for its interface, Todoist is an elegant app  having features of a complete task application. You can create tasks, organize our tasks by tags, create subtasks, create projects to assign tasks to people, add comments, attach files and create reminders by date and time.


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