5 Best Benchmark Apps For Mac to Get Performance Analysis

You’ve got a Mac but it’s slow and it hampers your work. Trying benchmark apps can give you insight into where your Mac falls short in giving you the best performance. These apps take analysis of how your computer performs and gives detailed result to help you solve some certain issues. It could be that you need to clear the cache or even clean the RAM. It could also be that you need to get a new machine. Some of these apps allow you to compare your results with that of other users so that you can know where your system is failing.

Best Benchmark Apps For Mac

1. Disk Speed Test

1 Disk Speed Test

Are you a person that works with HD video often? Then you should try Disk Speed Test, benchmark software developed by Blackmagic. Its main purpose is to check, analyse and give details on your Mac disk’s performance when handling HD videos. This will happen by the app employing large data blocks to write test your disk and also write and read tests to determine your Mac’s disk performance and its readability over time.


2. Geekbench

2 Geekbench

Geekbench will help determine the CPU performance and memory speed on your Mac computer. The Software will run different test to give an estimate of the performance of your Mac. Running the MacBook performance test is easy. All you need do is to launch the app after installing it, select your processor architecture and click Run Benchmarks. After the test runs and is completed, you can compare your results with that of other Mac users. Geekbench can be downloaded for free but if you want to get the best of the software you’ll have to pay for it.


3. Novabench

3 Novabench

With Novabench, you’ll get a Mac benchmark test for your Mac computer and these include CPU, RAM and graphics performance. You can run the tests on your Mac, get results and compare them with the results of other systems. When your computer has been tested by the app, you may decide to add the results to your profile or hide them from appearing public. Clicking the Submit and Compare button in the software allows you to share results. It is an easy to use and quick software to determine Mac performance.


4. UNIQUE Benchmarks

4 UNIQUE Benchmarks

UNIQUE Benchmarks tell you how stable your computer’s GPU is under performance stress. It also tests its colling potential under high heat output. It is a freemium benchmark software that works cross-platform. This benchmark software is based on a UNIQUE Engine and it gives users an interactive and intuitive experience. This makes it possible for you to explore a world of simulation using walk-through and fly-by modes.


5. Count It

5 Count It

Count It is for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. FPS counters are easily gotten but to measure the in-game performance of your MAC can give you much trouble. Count-It is an app that solves this problem by recording your gameplay and monitoring the FPS in a helpful graph. Your game doesn’t have to be paused in order to make the app work. By tapping a hotkey you can trigger Count it to start recording the game. This software will give you an estimate of the current FPS at the corner of the game while you play.


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