5 Best Slow Motion Video App for Android and iOS

With the advancement of smartphones and their cameras, many phones are enabled with powerful capabilities and one of them is slow motion. Slow-motion is one feature that was exclusive to high-end DLSR but now it can be done on most flagships if not all. Slow-motion provides a fun way to watch videos and analyse events. If you’re looking for the best slow-motion video app, them you’re at the right place.

Best Slow Motion Video App for Android and iOS

1. Slow Motion Video FX

1 Slow Motion Video FX Slow Motion Video App
If you’re in search of the best slow-motion apps for your Android or iOS device, then Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best. The app lets you create slow-motion videos without prior knowledge. It is free to use and doesn’t apply any watermark on your videos. You can edit new and existing videos and whether or not you just captured it, it can be edited. There’s more in the package, the video editor can allow you to change the speed of your videos by either decreasing or increasing it up to 5x. There are various sharing options for you to show your video to your friends and the world
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2. VLC

2 VLC Slow Motion Video App
For a slow-motion video player, you can’t go wrong with the popular media player, VLC. VLC has many features and slow-motion playback is one of its features that is very great and useful. The powerful media player allows you to play a different kind of media formats and slow them down via a slider that you’d see on your screen. The slow-motion playback can be adjusted to up to 0.25x. and you can do the reverse by adjusting the slider to up to 4x to achieve fast motion. To access the slow-motion function, click the 3-dot menu and select “Playback Speed”. VLC is one of the best players and is open source, completely free, and ads-free.
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3. Hudl Technique

3 Hudl Technique
Professional athletes and coaches find Huld Technique useful and if you’re one, you should download it. The app is used in games and has been proved over time to be useful in making a deep analysis of the technique thereby improving games. What it does is that it allows you to shoot a video and create a slow-motion version of it. The best thing about this slow-motion video maker is that you can record videos in HD quality. It has a robust import option and you can import videos from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. The app gives you the ability to analyze videos frame by frame and you can also employ the zoom function to see closer. The versatile tool lets you work on two videos at the same time where you can compare and save time.
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4. Slow Motion Camera 

4 Slow Motion Camera
Slow Motion Camera is one of the serious slow-motion video apps. With its well-designed interface and modern design, you’ll enjoy using the app. To create slow-motion videos, just select the video of your choice from the storage or you can shoot live videos. It is also possible to rewind and loop videos and there’s a post-processing editor having some bunch of functions that allow you to change audio, trim, crop, apply effects, and more. This video editor isn’t like others that would add a watermark, instead, it delivers your videos to you free of the watermark. The app is a robust app that has many features alongside the slow-motion feature and if you want something complete, they choose it.
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5. Efectum

5 Efectum

Efectum is another app suitable for slowing the speed of videos. Efectum will ask for access to your phone’s camera so that you can go on to edit videos after shooting them. You can also edit old videos after importing them from your gallery. The slow-motion app has a lot of features that will aid you in creating an excellent slow-motion video. You will be able to edit your videos, add music, control the video speed, and more. The great thing about Efectum is that you need not have prior knowledge of video editing to use the app.

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