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5 Ways to avoid virus attack on your Android smartphone

5 Ways to avoid virus attack on Android

“Virus” has been in existence for a very long time but became more of public cognisance in the early 90’s. And while “virus” is basically a medical term,  in the computer world, it refers to “any malicious software that can harm computers”. SlashGear sees virus as basically every evil thing that can worm its way into your smart mobile device.

5 Ways to avoid virus attack on Android

These Viruses (or malicious software), on finding their way onto your device can cause severe harm to your smartphone in the form of smartphone malfunctioning, data loss, and more worse – total device damage.

So, here on today, we would be taking a look at 5 Ways to avoid virus attack on Android.

1. Install apps from Google Play Store ONLY

Notice how the “ONLY” was in capitals? Yeah, that’s how paramount using only applications from the Google Play Store on your smartphone is. CAPITALLY paramount. Avoid installing apps from unknown sources or from 3rd party app stores.

2. Avoid virus scanners

Virus scanners, bug scanners, and all security apps of all kinds should be avoided as they could contain malicious code themselves. These supposed security apps only tell users what they already know (that a certain app is not to be trusted and bla bla bla). Besides, they even eat up space and cause battery drain.

3. Keep your device protected

While safeguarding your device on the inside, don’t forget to do the same on the outside. Keeping out external applications isn’t just enough, locking out people who could do so without your consent will also go a long way in keeping your device virus-free. Use pin, pattern, passcode or better yet, fingerprint scanner to lock out unauthorized 3rd party access.

4. Go with the manufacturer

This basically translates into trusting the from-the-factory security software that comes with your Android smartphone. This should nullify any need to download 3rd party security apps or software.

5. Be at alert…stay woke!

While doing all the above, the average Android user should be at alert at all times. Avoid sending passwords over email, avoid dishing out personal information to any person or service that looks, sounds or smells unfamiliar. Likewise, avoid keeping sensitive information on your smartphone has the ability to steal passwords, personal details and share them to prying eyes. Stay woke!

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