TechVaz wishes you a Holy and Merry Christmas

Life is made of moments and Christmas, for those who live on this date, is one of those great moments. Each one lives their own way in this court, some give more importance, others less but we are all involved in the emotional aspect that is present at Christmas.

Under the motto of enjoying the moments, the team wishes you a Merry Christmas full of emotional motives and prosperity.


Christmas is a unique time of year. Dedicated to family and sharing, we must strive to distribute not only the gifts but also our feelings.

If in the remaining 364 days of the year we count on our readers to visit and help us, on this particular day we want them to dedicate themselves, their family and their friends.

That is why we wish a Holy and Merry Christmas to all, those who accompany us, those who help us and those who are in daily life with us.

May the “baby Jesus” bring you everything you asked for, be it technological or just to warm your heart.

Be Happy and a Holy Christmas of 2017


And suddenly, another year passed. A year when technology called us back, made us think about the future, brought us new challenges. A year that revealed amazing stories that put an end to so many others and gave space for new stories to begin to be told.

In such a frantic year, the moment now is for reflection, for looking at the family and the future.

Today they smile, share, love those who have chosen to spend another day celebrating life. A Merry Christmas to all.


The increased reality, evolution in facial recognition, 18 – 9 almost borderless screens and dual cameras, was the most heard of during 2017, in a type of device most widely used all over the world and that will certainly be part of the Many people’s shoes this Christmas.

Of course, for many struggling to straighten out their lives, a smartphone will be the least important on the bootie and hope to simply continue to have hope and strength to overcome another year.

Votes for a Merry Christmas and 2018 full of successes.


This Christmas, I wish all our readers a lot of peace, love and above all a reflection on our attitudes towards our neighbor and ourselves. Think about what you can change and get the strength to do it. And that tonight is a special moment of union with your family and friends, which strengthen bonds, resolve possible conflicts and, above all, there are much love and friendship among all.

Merry Christmas!


May your Christmas be spent with those who like and receive all those technological gifts they asked of Santa.

Happy holidays and a great year of 2018!


That this Christmas that magic all kept throughout the year brings to the top the desire to be present and indeed in the hearts of those who were at our side. May the court not only be a celebration but a beginning for a new period in our lives.

Having spent another year at TechVaz.COM has undoubtedly brought new moments and new experiences that I ended up sharing with you – our readers. Welcome to all!

Merry Christmas!


May this year people have peace, health, and ambition. May the goodwill be present, and the best of each one stands out.

I want your Christmas to bring you what you want.

Have a holy Christmas.


This year was amazing! Joining the team was a dream come true. I met extraordinary people who every day help me to grow not just as a writer but also as a person.

Undoubtedly, the Christmas season is an excellent occasion to remember that dreams come true and that, with respect, work and dedication, everything is possible!

I wish all our readers a great Christmas and a prosperous new year in the company of those who love and with many technological gifts!


In this festive season, I wish all readers and visitors of a holy and merry Christmas!

I hope we all welcome surprises and good times, together with our loved ones and friends! May this season be more intensely lived all the feelings and values ​​associated with Christmas, often forgotten or neglected by the frenetic routine we have.

Let us also take this opportunity to reflect on the long year 2017 that is about to end and outline goals and plans for 2018, which will be a year of achievement for you and all of us!

Many technological gifts in the slipper!


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