A foldable iPhone could be a reality sooner than expected

It is not the first time that we talk about a technology in which major phone manufacturers are already beginning to investigate. In previous occasions, we have talked about the possibility of a flexible Samsung smartphone that would come in the form of Samsung Galaxy X, and now it is Apple who could already be working on a foldable iPhone.

Last year, LG warned that one of its divisions was shaping a team to develop a new project, at the request of Apple, which would be responsible for designing a flexible screen for a future iPhone. Since then we had not heard any news about it… until now.

There are several analysts who predicted the arrival of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone this year, something that would have shaken the Cupertino giant.

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As we say, the foldable iPhone could be a reality sooner than expected; it is likely that it is ready to be presented in 2010. That assumes that the phone would be presented after two new generations of iPhone – 2018 (of which already said there would be new iPhone X) and that of 2019.

This time it was one of the analysts of Bank of America, specializing in Apple products, who says there is not much left to know about the next big in redesigning the iPhone, after the drastic changes in the iPhone X that we saw last year (drastic in terms of previous models of Apple catalog, not regarding the competition). This main change would come in the form of flexible screens, resulting in a hypothetical foldable iPhone.

The analyst reports that the American company is already working with suppliers to create this bendable iPhone, which would be launched on the market within two years. This would be Apple’s second attempt at the partnership above with LG to find the screen that defines the iPhone of the future.

The key to this technology is found in the development of OLED panels. This type of display has a fundamental difference compared to the standard LCD panels since they are formed by independent pixels that make the screens more flexible. The investigation around these screens has the key that the foldable iPhone arrives just in the announced terms.

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