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According to a survey, 80% of teenagers prefer an iPhone to an Android

We continue with the story that never ends. The battle iPhone vs. Android smartphones is hotter than ever, and I am here to add fuel to the fire. It is not a secret that the adolescent population prefers apple mobiles to devices with the Google operating system and, in fact, it is an issue that we have already dealt with in-depth. However, it is surprising that the figure of young people pro-Apple amounted to 8 out of 10.

According to the study “Teens Survey,” conducted by Piper Jaffray, 82% of American teenagers have an iPhone, and the worst is that 84% of them claim that their next device will also have an apple logo in the back. These results are the result of a series of surveys carried out among thousands of young people in the US whose average age is 16 years.

The most curious thing – and, on the other hand, terrifying – is that this figure has not stopped growing over the years. Below you have a graph that shows it. If you notice, in the spring of 2014, only 60% of young people had an iPhone. In just four years, that percentage has risen 22%. The reason for this growing trend is, according to Business Insiderthe increased interest in the Apple Watch. According to the source, 20% of teenagers plan to buy one of these smartwatches in the next six months.

What leaves us a little cold is that this percentage can be triggered by the launch of the next iPhone, among which is rumored that there will be a “low cost” edition. If 82% of young people have an iPhone, whose price ranges between 800 and a thousand and a billion euros, we can expect the figure to increase when these devices reach the market with “popular prices” (although we all know that this concept and Apple do not usually fit well).

Anyway, what is clear is that Google (and therefore, Android) and manufacturers have to make an extra effort to be attractive to the younger audience. There are already companies that are partnering with celebrities to be “brand ambassadors” in many parts of the world, such as Gal Gadot and Huawei or Paris Hilton and Xiaomi. However, it may not all be a matter of a famous brand selling your brand, but of making a product that offers added value to the user, that sells something more than raw power and better night shots.

It is what we have spoken many times. While some Android manufacturers are dedicated to “copy” and compare with Apple, Apple continues its roll with its marketing based on emotions and experiences. The same, although it hurts us in the soul to recognize it, we have to learn that it is not a matter of what you sell, but how you sell it. That’s where Apple takes us years ahead.

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