Xiaomi Noise Canceling Earphones Review – a special 3.5mm earphones with an unbeatable price

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LRM EXPORT 20180130 210953
Xiaomi Noise-Canceling Earphones-Review

This noise-canceling earphones from Xiaomi will block all worldly negativity when you are using it. Make calls and listen to soft music even in the noisiest environment. Have you ever been dragged to a nightclub by a friend? But you just want to listen to quiet music and block out the loud music, this earphone is for you. Besides, you can easily adjust the noise canceling level to your convenience.

Currently, we can work practically anywhere, and we spend our time differently. To provide an atmosphere that adapts to us, headphones are common since music is one of the main aspects that identify us. That is why we need a hearing aid that gives us just that when we want to listen to music with the highest quality. Today we present the Mi 3.5mm Noise Cancelling Earphones, special earphones. These earphones come in two versions; one with a 3.5mm jack-type audio connector and the second with a Type-C connector. However, we have got the 3.5mm version, and its price is almost identical to the Type-C version. We will see in this review all the details of these in-ear earphones that promise a lot.

First impression of the Xiaomi 3.5mm Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Earphones

First, regarding packaging, it is presented in a standard box similar to that of the previously reviewed Xiaomi Pro HD in-ear headphones, with a look worthy of a high-quality product. It shows the appearance of the headphones and the remote control module. In the lower left corner, we can see a high-resolution print (Hi-Res Audio) sticker, which denotes the guarantee of sound quality (Hi-Fi), which should have high-end headphones.

Once the box is open, we can see the 3.5mm audio connector and a familiar design inherited from the previous model. With an ergonomic design and quite elegant in black. At first glance, it is seen that the headphones seem to fit comfortably into the ear canal. The company has done a good job providing comfortable use, as it always has.

Like its predecessor, the 3.5mm headphones come with three pairs of different-sized earbuds, which are better suited to each type of ear since we know that we are all different.

On the back of the box, we can find more detailed specifications of these headphones. Here we can find interesting data such as the weight of 28 grams, the speaker impedance of 32ohm, the nominal power of 5mW, the frequency response range that goes between 20 – 40000Hz, and the length of the cable, which is 1.35 meters.

Design of the Xiaomi 3.5mm Noise Cancelling Earphones

Designed with high-quality Aluminum Alloy and exquisite CNC finishing touches makes this stands out. The Xiaomi noise-canceling earphones is quite a stunner with an anti-jamming braid cable. Even with a few accidental stretches, the earphones should still work perfectly. The 90° 3.5mm plug connector obviously looks different from the entire earphones and was made from TPE materials.

The Xiaomi noise-canceling headphones have a dual dynamic coil and a dynamic acoustic iron structure. This architecture apparently results in a stable and original noise reduction. Such an effective combination provides a rich and delicate sound quality with a balanced performance of three high-frequency bands. With Xiaomi’s patented acoustic music separation system, these headphones represent a genuinely immersive experience.

Compared with the USB type C variant, the appearance has changed slightly. The cavity of the headphones seems relatively a bit larger, but the earplugs are closer to the ear canal when used. As for the control module, it still uses the three-key design. Those rounded keys are (from top to bottom) – volume up, multifunction key, and volume down.

On the right side, we have a noise reduction adjustment button. Therefore, users can choose the noise reduction power as a function of external noise. The Xiaomi 3.5mm Noise Reduction Earphones have a metal body with a solid black color that is quite attractive. Likewise, they have an elastic back clip, providing greater comfort. Its 90-degree design provides comfortable and more durable use, with which we can enjoy our long-term hearing aids.

The noise reduction box and the metal clip are molded with a complete aluminum alloy. But as for its cable, it is coated with TPE coating material, which can effectively reduce cable twisting and cumbersome entanglements.

Performance of the Xiaomi 3.5mm Noise Cancelling Earphones

First, we must say that there are two levels of noise reduction in which we can adjust the device. Then, when the external noise is relatively weak, we can choose the first position. However, if the external noise becomes stronger, you can adjust it to the second position and still enjoy your music quietly.

Turning off the noise Cancelling feature will reduce power consumption, and you get to enjoy it for longer. The earphones come with a built-in 55mAh battery which can boost from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours while charging. When fully charged, the earphones could last up to 12 hours without turning on noise cancellation.

The plugs boast of soft earmuffs for your comfort, leaving you without any pain. You can wear the Xiaomi noise-canceling earphones for hours and not feel a thing.

The Xiaomi noise-canceling earphones measure 1.2m long and are available only in black. Its highlight is the innovative active noise-canceling technology, which is brilliant in this modern time. It allows users to entirely block all negative energy and unnecessary noise when listening to music or making important calls.

You can also charge up the headphones in a very short time and enjoy it for hours. You can charge it with your typical Xiaomi charger or any other charger that supports it. The three buttons at the middle stand for turn-off, first level, and second level. The second level of active noise Cancelling is more powerful than the first but zaps your battery. Your battery will drain much faster when on the second level, but that’s the point, right?

Conclusion about the Xiaomi 3.5mm Noise Reduction Earphones

In general, these are high-quality hearing aids with a quite exciting noise reduction system, apart from being comfortable and having a good sound. Even so, its price is quite high, and low if we consider that they are currently on offer.

Compared with the previous version of the Xiaomi noise reduction headphones with a USB type C connector, we can say that this one that comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack has some improvements. Mainly because of the headset design, the slightly more developed noise-canceling function, the sound quality, and the connector. The latter provides a more comfortable and universal use because not all smartphones and audio players come with a USB Type C connector.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Noise Cancelling earphone?

The Xiaomi noise-cancelling earphones is currently available at banggood.com for a mere token. This is a flash deal which is going on for a limited time only, and 55 pieces have been sold. The earphones retails for just $68.99 exclusively on banggood.com. Nevertheless you can also use this Coupon Code ’78e351′ to bring it down further to $62.09. What are you waiting for? Click on the link below to get these earphones before its too late.

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Design and appearance
xiaomi-noise-cancelling-earphone-reviewCurrently we work practically anywhere and we spend our time in a different way. To provide an atmosphere that adapts to us, the use of headphones is common, since music is one of the main aspects that identifies us. That is why, when we want to listen to music with the highest quality, we need a hearing aid that gives us just that. Today we present the Xiaomi 3.5 Noise Reduction Earphones , special headphones that were announced on December 11 and that enjoy a fairly advanced current technology, thanks to the manufacturers and engineers of the Chinese company.


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