Alcatel A30 Tablet – the Budget tablet that doubles as a TV remote

The Alcatel A30 Tablet is a super affordable tablet that will launch May 2017.

Later this​ month, Alcatel will be launching and officially unveiling the long-awaited Alcatel A30 Tablet. Though there have been recent rumours and unofficial specifications hovering around, valid features of the Alcatel A30 Tablet is being gotten hold of as the launch draws near.

It isn’t up to a month yet that we brought you the Alcatel Flash 2017; the 5.5-inch smart phone with 4 cameras (dual rear camera and dual selfie camera) from the stables of Alcatel. Check out our review to see how beautiful and unique of a device the Alcatel Flash 2017 is. It is a one of a kind smart phone.

If you are on this paragraph, then you should have​ an inkling of where I’m going with the Alcatel A30 Tablet. Do you?

Well, I’m trying​ to point out the unique feature of a previously released smartphone from Alcatel to indirectly state that the Alcatel A30 Tablet is also beautifully crafted with its own distinguishing ​features.

Alcatel A30 Tablet
The Alcatel A30 Tablet

The Alcatel A30 Tablet has an 8-inch screen size with not too wide bezels. The display is an IPS display with an impressive resolution of 1280×800 pixel. Available information also reveals that the A30 Tablet will come out of the box with the latest Android Nougat alongside a 1.1GHz Snapdragon SoC quad-core processor.

For gamers or heavy tablet users who particularly have a thing for big screens, the on-board 2GB RAM will provide​ smooth usage and fluid switch between applications without losing information. The internal storage capacity of the A30 Tablet is pegged at 16GB. Just in case you run out of storage space, there’s a micro SD card slot for storage expansion up to 32GB.

Moving​ on to the snappers, the Alcatel A30 Tablet has a back and front camera of the same 5MP lens, both of which lack LED flashlight​.

Now to the highlight feature of the Alcatel A30 tablet. It is said that​ the A30 has an Infrared blaster (IR blaster) which will enable it to be used as a TV remote control. Also, there’s an in-built “CloserTV App” that makes it possible to access and tweak some functions of your TV to your taste.

To round it all up, there’s a huge 4,000mAh battery on board to power the Alcatel A30 for long hours. And interestingly, the A30 is said to cost lower than $200 after launch. Rumour has it that it will sell between $125 – $150. See how affordable Alcatel made this monster “smart remote control”?

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