Anthem – Game will only support 4K on Microsoft’s Xbox One

Anthem is an EA Sports title that will reach the Xbox One of Microsoft and the Sony PlayStation 4. However, there will be some differences between these.

Available on February 22, 2019, Anthem will be a different game when compared to the level of the console where it enters. This is because it can be played at 4K – on Microsoft’s Xbox One X – and only 1080p for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

In a gaming title where the visual aspects will count, the small difference will be, perhaps, a point of sale that may leave potential consumers somewhat undecided. Anthem is just another title that offers a better experience on Xbox One X.

Anthem will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

After all, for all those who already have a 4K television, the fact that they can count on the game with all the graphics and effects in that resolution, then the decision becomes simpler.

However, not all the success of Anthem may be due to its graphics. Quite the opposite. On the other hand, what users expect, in the same way, is that the game does not offer server and related problems. For something is almost certain. What? That will make all the difference.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the Xbox One X is the console that is, to a large extent, equivalent to Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, only the former supports the native 4K resolution as well as other equally relevant features like the HDR.

So we’ll see to what extent the gameplay of this game will be so distinctive. Stay tuned for the news here at TechVaz, so you do not lose any detail about this and other topics about technology.

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