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Apple will present its streaming video service in March

Yesterday it was confirmed that Apple had an event scheduled for March 25. In it, it is expected that the company will focus on the contents, so there would be no products presented. Therefore, it was assumed that the streaming platform would be one of the central themes in this presentation. Especially since it is said that it would be launched in April.

Apple will present its streaming video service in March

Little by little this idea is gaining strength. Because there are media that confirm that this streaming platform will be one of the contents that will be presented.

Apple betting on streaming

With this streaming platform, Apple joins other companies such as Netflix, Amazon or Disney, which already have their own or will be launched shortly. It is a bet for the future since it has become the way in which millions of consumers around the world consume their content, such as series or movies. The company already has several original contents planned.

Because they have worked with Hollywood stars in the creation of these projects. Names like Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or JJ Abrams are some of those responsible for these series and films.

A couple of months ago there were news that Apple was going to launch this platform officially in April. Therefore, having a presentation on March 25 helps a lot to give more truth to this news. We will soon have more news about it.

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