Best Cooking Games for Android and iPhone

What are the best cooking games for Android and iPhone (iOS)? With a long list of ingredients and recipes, these games put players in the role of chef at the touch of a mobile phone.

Whoever wanted to be a renowned chef? Despite the intense work on weekends and commemorative dates, or rather every day, the charm of the profession cannot be denied. 

Of course, not everyone is willing to face such a demanding profession. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play with it. There are several themed games in the kitchen that turn you into a digital chef.

But what if you are looking for healthy fun in the kitchen without even having to dirty a dish? Do you want to identify yourself with a restaurant owner for a game without spending a single euro?

Well, you can enjoy this art by cooking in games. Designed to offer users exactly what they want, as well as helping to distract a little, they bring valuable knowledge about the art of cooking.

The best cooking game apps for Android and iPhone

Here you will find the best Android and iPhone cooking games ready for download on your smartphone, so you can cook for fun and become a fast food manager, a modern restaurant and any other activity related to the world of cooking.

Using these applications you can have fun without the stress of having to buy the ingredients, follow the recipe found online and clean everything!

Cooking Fever

The most popular of the restaurant games for Android, iPhone, and iPad, Cooking Fever offers many types of facilities to command, from fast food to seafood restaurants, including around 400 dishes and many challenges to complete.

Cooking Fever can be downloaded for free on Android or iPhone.

Cooking Dash

Another great success on the Google Play and App Store. Cooking Dash puts you in charge of a culinary television program. I mean, you’re in your Master Chef and you’ll have to cook for the judges.

Despite this, the mechanisms are similar to Cooking Fever- deliver the perfect orders in the shortest possible time. Cooking Dash brings over a thousand dishes and lets you compete online with other players to find out who will have the highest score.

The game is available for smartphones and tablets with Android or iPhone and iPad.

Food Street – Cooking Games

Includes every aspect of restaurant management. Decoration, dishes for cooking, order fulfillment and more. You can even use your ingredients and use them in the production of personalized recipes.

The game also has a social aspect, allowing you to change ingredients with your friends and join groups of culinary players. Download Food Street on your Android or iPhone.

Cooking Mama- Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook should be included in any list of cooking games. The game brings the Nintendo DS version to mobile phones, with fun and educational mini-games for anyone who wants to learn to cook. 

The player can cut, cut, mix and prepare various recipes with just a few taps on the phone screen. Cooking Mama can be downloaded for free on Android or iPhone.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

With a good dose of humor, Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a simple and fun game in which the player takes on the role of a pizza maker.

The player must manage a pizzeria, listen carefully to customers with special requests and set their own pizzas, being able to choose each ingredient separately.

The game is available for smartphones and tablets with Android or iPhone and iPad.

Bakery Story 2

The game is similar to other cooking games on this list. The difference is that instead of hamburgers or sushi, you should sell biscuits, cakes, and pies.

You can also decorate your pastry shop with items that can be purchased in the game, both with the money obtained from sales and with premium coins. Download Bakery Story 2 on your Android or iPhone.

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