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Best Free To Air Decoders in South Africa

These are the best free to air decoders in South Africa at the moment. Free to air decoders allows us watch channels for free without a subscription or fee. These decoders are perfect for those on a budget and only shows free to air channels. Those who can’t afford Cable TV with its outrageous monthly subscriptions plans will definitely love this.

best free to air decoders in South Africa

In 2018, you don’t need to get to buy a local ugly antenna that makes your house look archaic. All you need is a free to air decoder that allows you watch free to air channels without subscription or any other costs. The decoders below comes with dish as well, this will enable you get clear signal. Without further ado, these are the best free to air decoders in South Africa.

1. OpenView HD

OpenView HD prides itself as the first free HD satellite TV service in South Africa with a lot of free channels and 20 radio stations as well. You get to enjoy both local and international entertainment on OpenView HD and feel the excitement. The channels lets you watch either music, movies, lifestyle & culture, learning, kids’ and religious programming. It also comes with SABC channels and lets you enjoy e.tv in HD as well. You’ll get all this for free after you pay for your dish and decoder.

2. Modak Satellite

This is another good option if you’re looking for the best free to air decoders in South Africa. The company prides itself as one of the largest distributors of Free-to-Air products in Southern Africa. Once you buy one of its free-to-air products, the company will recommend a professional installer to help you install it. After that, you start enjoying free to air channels at no extra costs. The company has branches in major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, North West, Limpopo & Kimberly.

3. TV4Free

TV4Free offers free-to-Air products for television and radio. You can watch free-to-Air channels with the company’s equipment. The company sells the equipment which allows users to receive the signal to watch, view or listen to free-to-air channels and radio stations available in your city. Channels you’ll get includes CCTV, Discovery World, France 24, TV5Monde and others. All these channels are available for free on the decoder once you’ve purchased it.

4. StarSat

Although it’s not fully a free-to-air decoder, StarSat has free-to-Air channels that you will enjoy watching without paying for a subscription. The decoder is sleek, smart and beautiful, it’s easy to install and easy to use as well. The decoder is very affordable as well, even though the free-to-air channels might not be that interesting, you can easily subscribe to have access more channels. If you’re still on a budget, you can keep on watching the free channels for the main time.


DSTV has a lot of free-to-air local channels you can watch when you don’t have the money to subscribe to a new monthly plan. Although these channels may not be the best we’ve seen on a free-to-air decoder but it’s a good way to kill time especially if you have the decoder already. Whenever you get bored of the free-to-air channels, you can easily subscribe for a month and enjoy a few more channels.


These are the best free to air decoders in South Africa right now. Do you have any of the decoders above or do you know of other quality free-to-air decoders? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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