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TSTV Sassy Decoder & TSTV Dexterity Decoder Price and General Tips

Telcom Satellite TV, also known as TSTV is a Nigerian innovative Pay TV operator with two decoders, namely, TSTV Sassy Decoder & TSTV Dexterity Decoder. These decoders were announced first during the last quarter of 2017 as the company tried everything possible to resume operation in October 2017. However, the company experienced a lot of shortcomings and not until the 1st of April 2018 did we see the TSTV Sassy Decoder. Below is everything you need to know about the two decoders from TSTV.

TSTV Sassy Decoder Price In Nigeria, Availability, and Features

The TSTV Sassy Decoder is the first generation decoder from TSTV, hitting stores on the 1st of April 2018. The decoder has been quite a trend on social media with enthusiastic Nigerians using the hashtag #sassyishere to express their excitement. The decoder is obviously the most affordable of the two decoders, coming with just 67 channels.

You can now get the decoder from TSTV dealers across the country for just N3,500. This is much more affordable compared to the TSTV Dexterity Decoder which we will be reviewing below as well. Once you pay the N3,500 and receive the TSTV Sassy Decoder, you’ll be graced with a TSTV Decoder and a month free subscription of all the 67 channels.

This package comes with a Remote and free Dish as well (even though some dealers might want to sell this separately). It features the Private Video Recorder, this lets you record a live program and watch it anytime you want. You can also pause the monthly subscription for up to 7 days, this is as pay per view the company can go for now. Speaking of subscriptions, check out the decoder subscription plans below.

TSTV Sassy Decoder Subscription Packages

TSTV is bringing daily, weekly and monthly subscription with a pause feature to Nigerians. Please note that only the monthly subscription has the 7 days pause feature.

• N200 for 1 day.
• N500 for 3 days.
• N750 for 7 days.
• N1000 for 10 days.
• N1500 for 14 days.
• N3000 for 30 days (with Pause feature up to 7 days).

TSTV Dexterity Decoder Price In Nigeria, Availability, and Features

The TSTV Dexterity Decoder hasn’t been announced by the company yet. But we’ve seen teasers and the rumored price of the decoder once it hit the stores. It is the most advanced decoder of the two and comes with premium features, you’ll get everything on the Sassy here plus more features to enhance your viewing pleasure.

The decoder is expected to come with free 10GB of data that can be shared through Wi-Fi. That’s not all, you’ll also get free 20GB of data immediately you renew a monthly subscription. The TSTV Dexterity Decoder has a rumored price of around N5,000 and comes with over 200 channels. Of course, it has channels that will show live EPL, La Liga, and UEFA league matches. We can’t wait for the Dexterity Decoder to hit the stores as well.

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