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Our Best New Year Gift From TechVaz!

We thought to share this with our leaders about one famous Chinese company that is sharing a new coin FREE! Yes, just free!

The closing date is January 6, 2017. You would lose nothing except your time because you are not paying any money. Is there any harm in trying?

For those who will quickly join now before it is launched, they will be registered for free *(without paying a kobo).

It is their strategy to reach every nation in 3 months. You too can be part of those to earn $500USD before the closing registration date, which is on the 6th of this month. Meanwhile, from now until January 6, 2017, the registration is free for new registrants. However, after the programme is launched, new members will be registered for a fee.

So what are you waiting for? HURRY NOW and register IMMEDIATELY, so you can be among the first few to earn the benefits this programme is offering to its members and investors.


  • Once you register, $500USD or 3,000 Yuan will be credited to your account free, which you can withdraw after the launch.

  • If you can have up to 20 people to register with you as their Sponsor, the company will award you 20,000 coins that are equal to $10,000USD.

FYI – the 20 people who are joining through you from now until January 6, 2017, are all joining for free


NOTE – you must have an international passport, an original driver’s license, student ID card, national ID card, government ID card before you can register.


Put my details below in the sponsor’s field



You can also join other members on Whatsapp HERE for more update

This is our very best New Year gift for all!

Remember, registration is free till 6th January which is in just a few days time.

All You Need To Know About LCF  Coins

There are 6 benefits for members at the moment;

  • Get free 1,000 LCF Coins which value is about 3,000 Yuan or $500. The current face value per coin is 3 Yuan, about $0.5.
  • After the official launch at the early of February 2017, they are going to split the coin numbers 8 times for two years, i.e. every 3 months. So, your free 1,000 LCF coins will become 256,000 coins in two years, 1,000×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2=256,000 This benefit does not count the market value increase of LCF coin.
  • If you build more than 20 direct down line members, and the total number of your down lines horizontally and vertically (unlimited), free or paid, exceeds 200, then you become a leader, and get the leadership bonus of 20,000 free LCF coins. In addition, if 5 leaders show up among those 20 direct down lines, you are promoted to next level leader, center manager, and get much more benefits including monthly payments etc. There are seven steps of promotions.
  • You can purchase goods and services at over 60,000 online and offline shops with your coins at discounted prices. If you consumed X amount of LCF coins for your purchases, and if you’re direct or indirect down lines consumed 25 times of X amount, then you get paid back your X amount. So, circulation is much more important than just keeping, which is one of the key elements of the LCF coin business.
  • They want to go public, IPO on the stock market in 3~5 years, after issuing their initial stocks in one and half years. They are going to give leaders some free shares by level of contribution before the IPO, which might be another huge benefit.
  • Having said the above, there is also a marketing plan to boost this business globally. This is a global compulsory spill over system in 5×5×5×5×5 matrix in the order of joining time, with step by step upgrade group categories having different compensation scheme.

So, earlier you join, more benefit to you. I do not explain too much about this here, but soon free registration period will end, then you can find the information from their official website in detail, which will be opened in few days time.

Join with free registration to LCF coin business?

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  1. Thanks Samuel for this post I have just registered.but can you help me with a link to give out so as to get my downlines?


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