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Top 10 Best Selling Auto Head Unit Android Car Stereos (2024)

We have made a list of the bestselling Android car stereos, or as others may refer to them, Android Auto Head Units – that you can find online. For car owners or drivers looking to touch up their vehicles’ sound systems in 2022, there’s good news. Most car users just want to connect their smartphones and enjoy more than what they used to enjoy in times past.

If you know about Android car stereos, you would have seen clearly that these devices are created to make life easy for you and your loved ones. For about seven years now, since the introduction of Android Auto, producers have been looking for newer ways to do more with Google’s car OS to fit an assortment of cars.

Making a good choice of Android car stereos system is a tough choice for some but by reading this article, you will have a better chance at choosing what’s best for your car.

1. ATOTO A6 PF Double-DIN Car Stereo

Atoto A6 Pf Double Din Car Stereo
Atoto A6 Pf Double Din Car Stereo

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When you think about all the latest things in Android technology; things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM/AM radio, GPS route framework for your car, and others like these, you come to love this ATOTO car Android product. It boasts Android 9.1, and its 1GB/16GB design allows the usage promptly. There’s the possibility of using a converse reinforcement camera, a twofold racket vehicle sound system.

This unit is small, just seven inches long but it sounds bigger than it really is. Also, the full HD capacitive touch screen is exceptional but when you think about the quick wake-up time, it is impressive.


  • Ease of connection with your mobile phone
  • Most cars can use it
  • The product wakes up to operate in good time
  • Any converse reinforcement camera can work with it


The radio function warms and gets hot too early

2. Binize Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo Radio

Binize Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo Radio
Binize Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo Radio

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This is known as one of the best tech innovative products for automobiles these days. As the producer has keen eyes on updating their products each time, this actually reflects one of the innovations that car stereo radios are making use of these days. Can you imagine? This Android Car Stereo contains more than 250 applications from Play Store that users can download and enjoy. The screen is a good 1024×600 screen resolution that users love. It is one product that makes you keep your hand gripping at the steering wheel so that your safety is covered.


  • The apps work perfectly well
  • The sound system is of high quality
  • The design is beautiful enough
  • Latest Android for cars


  • If the car is old fashioned, you have to purchase an additional decoder to make things work
  • It is a little bulkier

3. Hizpo 10.1″ Car Stereo with Rear View Camera

Hizpo 10.1 Car Stereo With Rear View Camera
Hizpo 10.1 Car Stereo With Rear View Camera

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This Auto Stereo system proves great if you’re going on a vacation, excursion, or just driving around with friends. Fixing the product on your car dashboard presents very little challenge. Though it is a little larger and heavier than quite a number of car Stereos, the fact that it comes with the latest technology makes it a product of choice for most car owners. You can download more apps from Google Play Store to help you get more fun as you drive. However, one of the best attributes of the Hizpo is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS. You have an easy means of downloading and using the apps.


  • Easy installation and quick to start its operation
  • GPS information is accurate
  • It offers many applications that can easily be accessed
  • It works with both Android and iOS


With the icons having the same color, it may be hard to tell the difference most times.

4. Hikity Double Din Android Car Stereo

Hikity Double Din Android Car Stereo
Hikity Double Din Android Car Stereo

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Don’t spend a fortune trying to get Android Auto into your car. Although it is bigger than other products like it, the product manages to gather accolades for users. It also comes with a two-fold USB connector input, which means you may plug in more than one device to the car stereo system.  The Bluetooth and A2DP can allow for hands-free call pickup. Your phone can directly connect with stereo, and that makes it easy for answering calls, playing music, and doing more. Find up to 18 stations right there in your car, but you can enjoy more features, such as GPS, and Wi-Fi.

Although the size of the display is a bit large, users love the screen size, probably because it is easy for information to be gathered from a larger screen than a small one. Even at the Android level, you may delete or add apps as you want.


  • It comes with a beautiful design
  • The product comes with a sound quality that’s stunning
  • It is compatible with all top-quality cars


  • Setting it up can be a little complicated if you don’t pay much attention to the instruction manual
  • The product is a bit larger

5. Binize Double Din Android 9.1 Car Stereo

Binize Double Din Android 9.1 Car Stereo
Binize Double Din Android 9.1 Car Stereo

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Here is another Android vehicle sound system that anyone could love in 2022. The most amazing feature of this device is that it contains more than 250 applications from Google Play Store. These applications help the user to get the most out of the Android car stereo system. Yes, listen to the news, and watch online videos whenever and wherever you want. The very fact that you can gain access to Google Map, IGO, Sygic, Waze, and more applications is amazing for the user.

You can use this product to stop your car and park securely, as it also shows you the rear view on the dashboard as you try to reverse the car. In case you have an internet connection problem, your navigational systems will still work nicely, so there’s no cause for alarm.


  • The Android car stereo works nicely
  • You get a high-quality sound system
  • A beautiful design to behold all the time
  • The steering wheel control performs wonders


  • If the car is not supported, you may have to purchase an additional decoder to make it work optimally.
  • Android 9.1 isn’t the latest OS

6. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player

Boss Audio Systems Bv9358b Car Dvd Player
Boss Audio Systems Bv9358b Car Dvd Player

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The Boss comes with a 6.2-inch digital LED touchscreen. This means it’s a little smaller and more compact than many Android or iOS car radios. Some users have complained that the more popular 7 inches product is a bit too big for their dashboard cutout. You have reasons to believe that this Boss car DVD player will adjust well inside of your car.

It’s also a DVD player, and that tells you that it is possible to watch your favorite movies while driving your car. You could use a DVD/CD, or use your smartphone, or an MP3 player. However, the world is slowly moving away from DVD or CD as many people today appreciate streaming their songs from apps or flash drives. You may use the AM/FM radio, or use the USB and SD ports for music alternatives. You also have the good option of choosing music apps such as Pandora and Spotify, and since these apps can provide limitless music, you surely can get yourself satisfied.


  • Bluetooth innovation allows you to use Spotify and Pandora
  • There’s a backup camera for more convenience
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Control everything with the wireless remote or the touch screen


  • Volume function is a bit complicated
  • Limited radio stations

7. EinCar Android 10.0 Car Radio

Eincar Android 10.0 Car Radio
Eincar Android 10.0 Car Radio

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Since the company behind EinCar is committed to redesigning and programming decisions, it hereby presents to you a great machine that accommodates all your Android car radio needs. It also offers an extraordinary car driving experience to users. The sound system makes your car as modern as can be. With the presence of features like Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and others like those, your driving chore is a lot less tedious. Both Android and iOS smartphones or other gadgets are compatible with EinCar car radio. the 2GB RAM and Android 10 available in this product are a great blessing.

It offers Android 10.0 capabilities, ensuring that you get the most out of apps and the GPS. This OS is the latest vehicle sound system. One of the benefits to this is the quick reaction and the accuracy that you get from the navigational systems. It comes with an implicit GPS module and an outer GPS receiving wire for on the web or disconnected guide route.


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • The touch screen offers amazing visuals
  • There are multi-functions that users find benign


  • It radiates heat that could make it slow down operations

8. Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Radio

Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Radio
Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Radio

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This is a 7-inch HD touchscreen Bluetooth Android car stereo that anyone can fall in love with as soon as they catch sight of it. It works fine with Android and iOS smartphones and doesn’t interfere with space in your car. It has an LCD display. So, actually, this product has a length of 7.1 inches, a width of 1.77, and a height of 3.94 inches. That shows it is relative to several other products of the same nature. One special feature of the in-built map is that you could use it online and offline.

Batteries are not included, so you’re free from thinking about charging it from time to time. It also supports double adapter input and supports original steering wheel controls but this may not be available for some cars. Be rest assured that if your car is one of the latest, you will have this feature enabled.

When your car switches to reverse, this Android car stereo will automatically power the camera and display your rear on the touch screen. If your vehicle has a double din dashboard, the device will fit in well for use in your car.


  • It is easy to operate and comes with a nicely designed display
  • 18 preset radio stations are available
  • Offline navigation in the Android stereo
  • Rearview camera-input turns on automatically
  • The power output is excellent
  • The apps and GPS are additional advantages


  • It may not fit with some cars
  • Some cars need wiring to make use of it

9. ZWNAV Carplay 6.9 Universal Android Multimedia Player

Zwnav Carplay 6.9 Universal Android Multimedia Player
Zwnav Carplay 6.9 Universal Android Multimedia Player

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The wonderful thing about this multimedia player is the fact that it can operate on Android 10.0 OS. There’s also a 1GB/16GB flash and Quad-core CPU to enable a smooth operation and faster response in this ZWNAV auto product. With the 6.9 inches digital LCD screen that’s 1280×480 pixels, the user can gaze at amazingly vibrant visual effects.

This is a truly high-tech stereo that comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that car owners love very much. The Bluetooth technology is used to keep your hands free as you drive. With it, you can also play music, and watch movies on your dashboard.


  • Fast response, and smooth operation
  • LCD full HD screen provides a great experience for users
  • Better AM/FM radio reception
  • Data cable connection allows for Mirror link function to map several features as one
  • Built-in DSP sound system
  • Android 10.0
  • Touchscreen operation


  • There are better navigators elsewhere if the user cares to change it

10. KOODEA Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

Koodea Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
Koodea Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

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This wireless Android Auto is only seven inches long and portable enough for you to like it as it doesn’t occupy unnecessary space inside your car. It is one of the best car Android autos that puts your smartphone’s great features into use while you drive. With an IPS touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS navigation, and microphone, you begin to feel like you have everything that you need. You will love the voice control that uses your device’s AI assistant to make calls and play your favorite music.


  • Broadcast your music through Intellidash
  • Links with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Simple installation; plug and play
  • Built-in 3W speaker support for independent sound playback
  • AI assistant can make calls


  • FM connection often interfered with by signal


These days, there are many good Android car stereos that you can use inside your car to make your ride more interesting. If you’re considering getting one, take a cue from the list we made above. Of course, choosing the one that fits your need shouldn’t be a problem if you analyzed all the ten products mentioned above. Apart from the camera, the GPS, and the other safety reinforcements your car can now have, you can equip your vehicle with the latest Android car stereo radio.

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