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Android Auto gets new interface, split screen and more news

It was officially announced by Google that Android Auto, software created especially for interactive car interfaces, will receive an update that will standardize it to the most diverse formats and screen sizes – which vary depending on vehicle models and panel size. This was a problem faced by the creators of the software because all the variables affected the disposition in which the options would be available.

One of the main novelties will be the split-screen tool, which will provide users with a more complete experience, with all possible instruments, such as media playback controlsmessage visualization, and optimization for the navigation system. These items were created to offer the driver a practical experience on a single screen, preventing the person from having to be distracted by using the app while driving.

With the evolution of technology, several manufacturers began to adopt proprietary designs for their devices, and this created a problem of adaptation in software that was not native. The main purpose of this Android Auto update is to definitively resolve this issue; irrespective of the size and format adopted. The tech giant is also working to bring new compatible video content — good news for passengers.

And just like with Smart TVs, they will soon bring the option of streaming videos directly to your car’s dashboard — increasing the options available for content to watch during short and long trips.

Apart from the welcome implementations for compatible car owners, it has been confirmed that Android 13 is already being made available in beta format, which means that users will soon have access to the new features. What did you think? Do you believe that this improvement will bring the desired positive results, or do you prefer other alternatives? Share your opinion in this article and on our social networks!