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Facebook publishes rules that prohibit the sale of live animals in the social network and Instagram

According to information published this weekend, Facebook has decided to ban the sale of live animals within its platform. According to the social network, the veto is valid for pets and for those focused on livestock, and the ban also extends to Instagram.

As we all know, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has several sales groups in which people can publish a range of products to be marketed. However, with the review of privacy policies, Facebook has decided to create such a ban.

The veto also includes the commercialization of parts of animals, such as hairs and skins. The social network took the opportunity to point out that prohibited sales of weapons, ammunition, illegal, prescription or recreational drugs, products for the adult public, alcoholic beverages or related to gambling are prohibited.

With the tightening of rules, Facebook has published a list of what cannot be sold on the social network:

  • Live animals;
  • Pets;
  • Animals for livestock;
  • Parts of animals, such as fur, fur or animal hair.

This is the list of what can be marketed using Facebook:

  • Cages for animals;
  • Products for animals, such as toys and collars;
  • Veterinary services;
  • Personal cares;
  • Shipping services.

According to the social network statement, these new rules have already entered into force, and they are valid for products marketed in the Marketplace (which gathers offers from small sellers), in the buying and selling groups , in the e-commerce sections of Pages and in publications of products on Instagram Shopping.

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